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I've installed a complete PST polyurethane front-end kit as well as body mounts.
New front coil springs and shocks were also thrown in for good measure.  

I'll be posting a few shots of the front end as well as how I changed the body mounts.

Changing the body mounts

Since I had never attempted this before, it was a little intimidating. Once you get
started it's really not that bad. First, I soaked the bolts I could get to with WD-40.
Next, I loosened each bolt, I'm not sure but it looks like this job is easier with the
fenders removed??? I placed a floor jack and 2x4 under the rocker panel (see photo below)
and removed the bolts on one side (do one side at a time). Make sure the other side is loose
enough to allow a little play in it once you jack up the opposite side. Then jack up the side
that you just removed the bolts from enough to remove the old mounts. I did a little rust removal
and paint work while the mounts were out. Finally, put in your new mounts but be sure to leave
the bolts a little loose. Repeat the process for the other side. My biggest problem was finding
out how much to torque the new mounts, I finally settled on 75lb but if anyone knows better please
let me know.

BodyMnts.jpg (100819 bytes)

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