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The Save the 76 Project (78380 bytes)

1976 Pontiac Trans Am
Pontiac 400, TH350 Automatic, 2:41 Posi
Firethorn Red on Firethorn Red

UPDATE 9/20/2005-Well, I have most of the car back and have started on putting her back together.  I've taken a number of photos and will be updating the site soon. 

In 1985 I was 18 and there was only one car I wanted, a second generation Trans Am! When a buddy mentioned a red "seventy-something" TA sitting in barn near his school, I immediately made an appointment to take a look. At the time I was driving a 79 AMC Concord, that my parents had lovingly supplied, so anything with a "Trans Am" decal on it would get a look. The car was in pretty good shape and had just crossed the 100K mark. The owner was not home so I had to call back that evening for a price.

Every decent TA I had seen previously had been $4000 or more. I could pay $3000 if I had to but was hoping the price would be a little better than that. I called the owner early that evening and was stunned at his asking price! $1250! I said, I'll take it! The next afternoon I was at the bank signing the loan papers (with a little co-signing help from my Dad - Thanks Dad!).

We go directly from the bank to pick up my new bird. When we get there the seller is lamenting the fact that he sold the car so cheap. Seems a few of his friends had told him he was quite generous with the price (indeed he was for the loan value was over $2800). However, he said he would honor his price. Then my dad talked him out of another $50! I drove the 20 miles home one happy camper!

Fast-forward a decade and the 76 is in dire straits. The dynamic duo of time and rust had done a number on my baby! It was time to restore this ol' girl. This page will cover aspects of my restoration project. Check back often as I'll be updating this page as the project progresses. (96554 bytes)  Trans Am guard dogs!


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