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Well 2000/2001 snowboard season in Ontario is ALL over! :o( oh well. I've had some pretty good times. This year the only real damge i've done to my self was bruse my knee. I did such a thing at Blue Mountain on the J shaped rail. Oh and did it ever hurt!

This year i managed to go into ONE compition. It was free and it was put on by Nokia. I placed third, but let me tell you.... it was a very interesting compition. to see ALL the results please go to or you can just scroll to the bottom of this page to see the female 16+ results. (that's me)

Any way, i hope every one had as much fun this year as i did , and if you have any pictures that you want to put up, please e-mail me @ tx. VALERIE

Nokia Halfpipe Freeride/Snowboard Event Results

Saturday, February 24th, Horseshoe Resort, Ontario

Female 16 years & over
Place Bib # Competitor
1 57 Jessica Bennie
2 9 Michelle Tremblay
3 69 Val Windsor
4 40 Debra Kraiker
5 20 Stephanie Todd
6 81 Jacinta Borraccia