"Just the Facts" is also available at CD WAREHOUSE and SUNBURST RECORDS

$10- Just the Facts - Now Avalible!!
Our first album, 15 tracks of pure enjoyment

Track Listing:

  1. Weapons of Mass Destruction
  2. Half Empty
  3. Call it Quits
  4. Back in the Day
  5. 7 Days and a Letter
  6. This Song
  7. Won't be Fine
  8. U.S. 431
  9. German Girl
10. Nowhere to Go
11. Bomb
12. Will he Ever See
13. Is she Gonna be Alone
14. Something New
15. 2 Dog Night

$8 - Punk vs Ska
A double cd featuring over 50 different punk and ska bands including Curbside Service, Rx Bandits, Dimples Malone,Double O Seven, Belvedere,and Latch Key Kids. Only a limited supply.
$5 - Your mama's so fat. . comp
A compilation featuring many great bands such as: Link 80, Slow Gherkin, the Chinkees, and of course CSS, just to name a few.About 3 left.

$20 - Hoodie
Get it in M, L, or XL Black/Navy Blue . . . ladies dig guys who have these.

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