I'll splash the blood from my broken heart all across this bridge, and i'll smile and take a final drag from my burning cigarette. And with a flick of my fingers and once last glance, i'll smile and walk away.As this bridge burns down, i'll go on happily.Just remember, this song is not for you.It's for me.The pain is gone, my wounds have heeled.My true emotions been revealed.And with my eyes, i've recognized my mistake.But you were just a hole along the way, that i fell in repeatedly.But i've climbed out, and now im standing tall.Just remember,this song is not for you.It's for me.I look back on the past, and cringe with disbelief.You blinded me from everyone that had been true to me.You fed me every line.I swallowed every word.The time I wasted will never be returned.I guess it's time to say farewell.So FUCK OFF and go to hell.You wont be hearing from me again.