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Welcome to The Official Curb Side Service Homepage. New stuff will be added all the time, so make sure to stop by frequently and check for updates. Right now you can find pictures, sounds, show dates, merhcandise, and much more from your favorite ska band from Alabama. Also, make sure to sign the guestbook and join the newsletter. CSS
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Curb Side Service

Curb Side Service is a young ska/pop-punk band from Huntsville, Alabama.They are comprised of guitar,bass,drums,trumpet,tenor sax,and trombone with everyone doing a little singing.Their songs are fast,upbeat tunes with catchy horn lines that stick in your head and won't go away.They will travel to play, so PLEASE if you want to set up a show contact them at


Curb Side Service is going to be on a compilation!!! Yes, its true. Amazingly CSS will be featured on the upcoming comp "Your Mama's so fat she sets new world records" by New World Records. "Is She Gonna Be Alone?" is the song chosen for the CD. Other bands that will be on the comp are Slow Gherkin, Tuesday, The Alkaline Trio, Link 80, The Hippos, The Rudiments, President Lemon, and many other GREAT bands. The cd is sheduled to be released in February or March.

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