Here is your knife, well i think it's been missing.It's been in my back since that night you were kissing someother guy that you said wasn't real.Now he's alive how do you think that i feel.But i guess it all makes perfect sense.I guess i'm just a stupid pest.You say that we'll be friends, but it's just another lie.I wish i had a gun, i would shoot him in the knee caps.I'd sit there and laugh as i watched him cry.Everything won't be fine.Nothing is going to be alright.He's just a stupid redneck prick.He's got no balls, got no dick.I'd kick his ass anyday if he wasn't twice my size.Cause he's a dumbass just like you, but he's got better things to do.He'll pop and drop and leave you there sitting while you cry.But one day you'll come back to me and i'll be living happily.I'll kick you in the face and punch in the eye.Then we'll get back together and i'll leave you in a second.Leave you there stading,staring at the sky.