Half Empty

As i walk alone, stare at an empty shadow.Wishing it could be filled by you.But you're so far away.I remember you so clearly.I don't need a picture, you're inside my head.But it's so hard to keep going on.When i'm engulfed by this feeling, this feeling, lonely feeling without you.I am half empty.I am half there. I can't think straight, it seems so late to me, you see when you're not there.Will you ever be back by my side? Will you fill the shadow?Will you be there by my side? And then the sun comes up through my window.It brings another worthless lonely day.The same routine.The sun comes up then it goes down.But i still feel the same. It's so hard to be alone.When there's no where for me to go.And time slowly ticks away.Cause your not here with me.Do you miss me at all?