:: Bio ::
Curbside Service is a young ska-punk band from Huntsville, Alabama. Yes, that's right ska-punk from the Heart of Dixie. They are the byproduct of 6 high school kids, ex-girlfriends, and a surplus of energy. They are comprised of drums, bass, guitar, and a horn section including tenor sax, trombone, and trumpet. Their energetic and catchy songs are the best things to come from Alabama since Dukes of Hazard. Curbside Service has just independently released their first full-length album "Just the Facts" and is now in search of a Label to call home or even just distribute the new CD. They are also looking for any zines that would be interested in reviewing the CD, radio stations who will play the cd, and places to play out of town. Curbside Service is planning to spread their music across the country very soon, but NEED YOUR HELP. If you would be willing to help in any way please get in touch with us as soon as possible.

If you are interested in curbside service please go to the contact page.