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Gossip The Best


(8/28/1999) (a) Fruit Chan claims that in the current state of film, it is normal for him to work for whoever pays (b) the Andy Lau Tak Wa produced MADE IN HONG KONG made Chan Gor into a HKFA winning director

(ORIENTAL DAILY 8/28/1999) Since Andy Lau Tak Wa discovered the director of MADE IN HONG HONG, Fruit Chan Gor, Wa Jai is known in the film industry for having sharp eyes. However recent reports claimed that Chan Gor has jumped ship with the script of SAI LO CHEUNG (KID CHEUNG), leading Wa Jai to express to the outside world that everyone should be careful of who your friends are.

The press contacted the "traitor director" Chan Gor, who expressed that when he was working on THE LONGEST SUMMER (HUI NIN YIN FA DUT BIT DOR) for Team Work, he has already completed the script to SAI LO CHEUNG, but at the time when he expressed interest in making SAI to Wa Jai, Wa Jai said to wait until the completion of LONGEST. Just then an investor approached Chan Gor who immediately left Wa Jai.

"Actually I have agreed to work with this investor on this movie a long time ago, but I never had time. Since I am not under contract with Wa Jai, I don't have to work for his company. With the market nowadays, you work for whoever pays you! Actually besides Wa Jai, there are many bosses out there making movies. I don't have to just work for one."

Reportedly, after leaving Wa Jai, Chan Gor has already moved out of the office that Wa Jai loaned to him. He said, "The investor of SAI is a new company that doesn't even have a name yet because it is the first time the boss invested in film. He even gave me an office. So I moved for the sake of convenience."

One of Team Work's producers Yu Wai Kwok honestly said, "Actually Chan Gor has never had a contract with Team Work. Our relationship was purely friendship, so we can't say he left Team Work. We didn't part on bad terms either. Actually we have read SAI's script, but we never talked in detail because we had to wait for LONGEST to profit before beginning production on the next film. So he went to find financing to make it on his own! The company has no comment on the matter and wishes him success!"


(8/28/1999) (a) Cecilia Cheung Pak Chi and Cathy Tsui Chi Kei (ZOOM b) Wu Bai (Ng Bat), Blackie Ko (Or Sau Leung), Jun Kung Shek Leung, Cheung Chun Ngok, Nicholas Tse Ting Fung, Candy Lo Hau Yam

Recently there's rumours that Nicholas Tse had a crush on Candy Lo , but as usual , it's just rumour.

(THE SUN 8/28/1999) Tsui Hark's new film SHUN LAU YIK LAU (WITH THE STREAM AGAINST THE STREAM) has had numerous casting setbacks. First due to contract problems the lead went from Aaron Kwok Fu Sing to Nicholas Tse Ting Fung. The female lead went from the original choice of Charlie Yeung Choi Nei who turned down the role due to retirement to Cecilia Cheung Pak Chi.

However Tsui Hark made a change in the final hour as the female lead now has been confirmed -- model Cathy Tsui Chi Kei has landed the role.

According to insiders, SHUN's female lead role Ah Wai has to look pretty and have a strong personality. Originally Cheung Pak Chi is very suitable for the role, unfortunately due to scheduling conflict she could not make the time. Tsui Hark could only make other selections. Though reportedly Tsui Chi Kei is the lead, she would have less scene time than support player Candy Lo Hau Yam.

Also, besides three new comers, SHUN has also cast numerous singers in the film, like Wu Bai (Ng Bat) and Jun Kung Shek Leung. Blackie Ko (Or Sau Leung) who has stormed into the music industry with Andy Lau Tak Wa's song DUMB KID (BUN SIU HAI) and now with his own record would play his usual mob boss role. Currently Tsui Hark is even in negotiation with Cheung Chun Ngok about an unspecified role.


(8/31/1999) At the Asia Pacific Film Festival press conference (a) Leslie Cheung Kwok Wing (ce) and (d) Andy Lau Tak Wa each with his own problems (b) Daniel Wu (Ng Yin Cho) and Yoyo Mung Ka Wai

You people out there better keep an eye on Daniel Wu(Ng Yin Cho) ,this guy has just become the hottest newcomer that directors are looking for.By year 2000 , he should have around 4 movies coming up with co-stars such as Nicholas Tse , Shu Qi , Aaron Kwok(I'm not sure bout this).

(8/31/1999) The 44th Annual Asia Pacific Film Festival would take place in Bangkok, Thailand between November 22 and 26 and organized by the Thai Royal Family, the Thai government and the Thai Film Producer Association. 14 Asia and Pacific member regions have sent 5 movies, 3 short films and an animated feature each to compete. After a round of selection, Hong Kong has 5 movies in competition : MOONLIGHT EXPRESS (SING YUET TUNG WA), GORGEOUS (BOR LEI JUNG), GEN X COPS (DUT GAING SUN YUN LUI)Ng Yin Cho is one of the star in this movie, RUNNING OUT OF TIME (UM JIN) and BULLETS OVER SUMMER (BAU LIT YING GAING). The two short films are THE BIRTH OF A PAINTER (YUT GOR WA GA DIK DAN SUN) and PAPA'S TOY (BA BA DIK WOON GUI).


(8/31/1999) On the 21st, Tony Leung worked on the first day of NGOR OI 007 (b) with Hsu Chi

(8/31/1999) Recently, the Tony Leung Ka Fai starred NGOR OI 007 (I LOVE 007) has a cast change, with Patrick Tam Yiu Man succeeding Leung Ka Fai's position.

China Star expressed that actually it was a misunderstanding. Leung Ka Fai is an investor on the NGOR OI 007 project. After one day of production, he felt the script had problems. Because the lead actresses Hsu Chi and Tin Sum have difficult to adjust schedules, the original cast would now work on another light comedy directed by James Yuen Sai Sun. The lead actor of that film would be Tam Yiu Man.

Thus Tam Yiu Man did not replace Leung Ka Fai. The cast would simply star in another film.

(8/28/1999) (ZOOM a, b) Ruby Lin (Lam Sum Yu)

(8/28/1999) (a) Mark Lui Chun Tak made fun of Kelly Chan Wai Lam for her sexy new album cover (b) Taiwan Category III star Yeung Fan wants to change her erotic star image and asks Wong Jing for less revealing scenes in his new film 391999.

(8/28/1999) At a Radio Hong Kong event (ab) Dior Cheng Yi Kin and Gigi Leung Wing Kei (c) Cecilia Cheung Pak Chi (d) Sammi Cheng Sau Man, Aaron Kwok Fu Sing and Nicholas Tse Ting Fung (e) Ting Fung with Bondy Chiu Hok Yi (f) Karen Mok Man Wai

(8/26/1999) (a) Steven Ma Chun Wai received jeers when he hawked his TVB series ULTRA PROTECTION (b) Kenix Kwok Ho Ying was nervous about her first singing performance at the Convention Center

(8/26/1999) (a) Left : William So Wing Hong, Andy Hui Chi On, Edmond Leung On Man and Dicky Cheung Wai Kin (inset) plan a comedy tour (ZOOM b) Stephanie Lam Mei Jing plays a model in James Yuen Sai Sun's RED RAIN (GAING TIN DUNG DEI)

(8/26/1999) (a) Kelly Chan Wai Lam and (b) Karen Mok Man Wai are nominated for Top Ten Best Dressed People competition

(8/26/1999) (a) Gigi Leung Wing Kei (b) Sonija Kwok Sin Nei and Lee San San (c) Rosemary and Almen Wong Pui Ha (d) Cindy Wong Sin, Marsha Yuan (Yuen Ji Wai), Sonija Kwok SIn Nei and Myolie Wu Hung Yi

(8/27/1999) (abc,ZOOM f,i,j) Kelly Chan Wai Lam (d,ZOOM g,h) Gigi Leung Wing Kei (e) Tony Leung Chiu Wai's mother (k) Daniel Chan Hiu Tung (l) Gigi, William So Wing Hong, Edmond Leung Hong Man and Kelly (m) Higuchi Asuka (Tung Hau Ming Yut Ga) advertises for nail stickers