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(a) From SUN MING JI SING YUT SIU SI (AN HOUR LEFT IN LIFE) : Hung Chiu Fung and Lui Yau Wai play a divorce couple fighting for their son's custody (b) Hsu Chi's ad for Oolong tea (c) Little Lincoln Lam Hung with parents Lam Man Chung and Chan Ling Lei

ZOOM (6/21/1999) Cecilia Cheung Pak Chi (c) Universal Music Group will feature "7 sons" use weather to describe them : (left) Daniel Chan Hiu Tung (Wind), Cecilia Cheung Pak Chi (Sunshine), Peter Ho Yun Tung (Rain), Go Shuet Nam (Snow), Jun Kung Shek Leung (Lightning), Stephanie Che Yuen Yuen (Rainbow), and "big brother" Ronald Cheng Chung Kei (Thunder) (d) Che Yuen Yuen, Cheung Pak Chi, and Go Shuet Nam

Kelly's note: A toast to Universal ! NIca lads and lass the have.....!

(a) (6/21/1999) Dior Cheng Yi Kin in A MAN CALLED HERO

Kelly's note: Though this movie has yet reach us fellow Malaysian , but some Ekin's fans already pestering on his news , whether he wil come here for any promotional functions....!

(a) (6/21/1999) Pinky Cheung Man Chi

Kelly's note: Dunno much about Pinky...but gotto giv people a chance rite? Anyone out there with info on her , please mail me..!

ZOOM : (a) Charlie Yeung Choi Nei (b) Vivian Chow Wai Man (c) (ORIENTAL DAILY 6/22/1999) Rosemary and Maggie Q are the judges for Miss Hong Kong's Best Leg segment

(6/22/1999) More from their ad : Angela Wallace and Leon Lai Ming

Kelly's note: Feast your eyes !

(6/22/1999) From A MAN CALLED HERO (a,d) Nicholas Tse Ting Fung and (c) Yuen Biao's Beijing Opera look (ZOOM : b) Tse Ting Fung parachutes with an umbrella

Kelly's note:Recently , Nicholas , Daniel Wu , Stephen Fung and Terence Yin had come to Malaysia to promote Gen-X cops. Anyone here who have pics on them in M'sia , please do sent to me...I'll post it up here.( Sad dad refuse to get me a scanner...hmph...nvm!)

Scenes from THE CONMEN IN VEGAS (a,b) Kelly Lin (Lam Hei Lui) seduces Andy Lau Tak Wa (c) Nick Cheung Ka Fai imitates THE RING (d) Wa Jai later received THE RING about a debt (e) Nat Chan Pak Cheung and Li Fei (f) Don't Ask (g) Andy Lau Tak Wa brought a group of children to visit a Giant Panda ZOOM : (THE SUN 6/22/1999) (h) Nick Cheng Ka Fai (i) Wa Jai and Lam Hei Lui (j) Yuk Fong and Kelly Lin (Lam Hei Lui) (k) Yuk Fong

Kelly's note: I dunno whether is suitable for under 18s or not...hehehehe

(6/23/1999) From their ad : Leon Lai Ming and Angela Wallace

Kelly's note: So much...are u sick of it yet?

(6/23/1999) On the set of SUN GA FAT : Louis Koo Tin Lok's gang fight was so real The police's Blue Beret visited the set

Kelly's note: Louis looks more coller in each of his movies and Dramas.... * Those who haven't watch Detective Investigation files 1999...u gotto

(6/23/1999) (a,f) See Yin Lin (b,c,e) Miss Malaysia Joey Chan Ying Lai (d) Scene from BISHONENE : Daniel Wu (Ng Yin Cho) and Hsu Chi. The film won Best Picture in a Milan Gay and Lesbian Film Festival

Kelly's note: Shane's lover boy ...Daniel Wu..hehehe...she says that he's

(ORIENTAL DAILY 6/23/1999) (a) Maggie Cheung Man Yuk (in FA YEUNG NIN WA) and (c) Bjork are rumored to be joining (b) Faye Wong in Wong Kar Wai's 2046

(a) Peter Ho Yun Tung and Fann Wong (Fan Man Fong), stars of Derek Yee Tung Sing's THE TRUTH ABOUT JANE AND SAM (JUN SUM WA) (TODAY'S SWIMWEAR, THE SUN 6/23/1999) (ZOOM b-c) : Dior Cheng Yi Kin

(ZOOM : ab) Cecilia Cheung Pak Chi

Other BIG photos

(APPLE DAILY 6/21/1999) (a) Jacqueline Lee Wing Han (b) (APPLE DAILY 6/20/1999) Dior Cheng Yi Kin and 98 Miss Chinese International Yip Shuen star in his music video TIN SAT GOO SING

Nadia Chan Chung Ling gets down and dirty for her Singapore television series OPERATION SCORPIO

(a) (6/21/1999) Eileen Tung Oi Ling (b) (6/22/1999) Anita Yuen Wing Yi played modern Mulan as she tried to be a paratrooper to promote her television series

Kelly's note: Anita is really working hard , man! But isn't anyone outhere offering her a movie or something...? Its a long time sine I see her in the big screen...I hope she's not forgotten!

(APPLE DAILY 6/22/1999) (a) Kelly Chan Wai Lam (b) Rosemary and Maggie Q, the judges of Miss Hong Kong's Best Leg segment, beat the contestants with their own legs

(APPLE DAILY 6/22/1999) (a) Gigi Leung Wing Kei

Kelly's note: She has just broken up with her boyfriend....

(a) Blackie Ko (Or Sau Leung) risks his life 28 floor above the ground for his music video and his new album (b) (APPLE DAILY 6/23/1999) Dior Cheng Yi Kin

(APPLE DAILY 6/23/1999) (a) Lillian Ho Ka Lei and Grace Yip Pui Man attended Radio Hong Kong's 4th annual outstanding young designer award (b) Gigi Leung Wing Kei

Kelly's note: Lilian and Grace is among the hottest newcomers during year 98/99.

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