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News towards the Millenium DECEMBER 8, 1999

News towards the Millenium -- DECEMBER 8, 1999


(12/8/1999) Jodie Foster and Chow

(ORIENTAL DAILY 12/8/1999) Chow Yun Fat's third Hollywood film ANNA AND THE KING would be released on the 17th in America. Fat Jai has also begun a series of promotional activities there. On Wednesday he would place in hand in cement in front of the statue of Dr. Sun Yat Sen in Chinatown. However some of the Chinese community has voiced opposition, claiming the act is disrespectful to Dr. Sun.
The Chinese Chamber of Commerce of Los Angeles, the organizer of the event, confirmed that the ceremony would take place in front of the statue but the exact location of which the handprint would be placed has not been decided yet.
According to a representative of the opposition, leaving Fat Jai's handprints in front of Dr. Sun's statue is disrespectful to Dr. Sun because in the film he plays the monarch of Siam, completely unrelated to Sun Yat Sen.

Other photos

MISCELLANEOUS (12/8/1999) (a) 24 year old Takako Matsu (Chung Lung Ji) will star in a new series in 2000, SEUNG TAI GIT FUN with (b) Yung Sin Yuk (back second right). The show is about a flight attendant whose relationship always turns out bad. After quitting her job to find a good husband, she discovers her fiance actually has impregnated another woman. Then she starts with a relationship with a honest working man. (cef) Norika Fujiwara (Tung Yuen Gei Heung) dances the tango in her video NORIKA FUJIWARA TANGO ARGENTINA (dg) Nanako Matsushima (Chung ? Choi Choi Ji) won an award at Japan's Men's Fashion Assocation 28th Annual Best Dressed Survey (i) Meanwhile, Takashi Sorimachi (Fan Ting Lung Si) clarified that she is not the third party who broke up his relationship with (h) Izumi Inamori (Doe Sum Chuen) (j) Rie Miyazawa (Gung Jat Lei Wai) welcomes Arnold Schwarzenegger to Japan for a showing of his latest END OF DAYS (k) Huh, did anyone lose their little girl? Oh wait, that's Britney Spears with her buttload of American Music Award nominations. Nevermind.

(12/8/1999) Stills from THE LEGEND OF SPEED (a-d) Dior Cheng Yi Kin and Kelly Lin (Lam Sum Yu) (e) Cecilia Cheung Pak Chi checks up on Cheng Yi Kin after an injury (f) Gigi Leung Wing Kei apologizes to Radio Hong Kong and the viewers of the show for missing it

(12/8/1999) (a) Yammie Nam Kit Ying is out of the DAI SI DOI 2000 television series (b) Cathy Tsui Chi Kei will play mental patient in TVB series FRESHMAN

(12/8/1999) From MASKED PROSECUTOR : Louis Koo Tin Lok

(12/8/1999) On a TVB game show (a) Ronald Cheng Chung Kei appears to be very worried when Miriam Yeung Chin Wa plays (b) Cheng Chun Kei's expression throughout the night was a little awkward

(12/8/1999) (a) Jacky Cheung Hok Yau as Santa Claus? (b) Cecilia Cheung Pak Chi

(12/8/1999) (a,ZOOM b) Marsha Yuan (Yuen Ji Wai) demonstrated the sword dance which she performed at the Miss World pageant (ZOOM c) Marianne Chan Miu Ying, Yuen Ji Wai, Sonija Kwok Sin Nei and Cindy Wong Sin would perform in a TVB charity show

(12/8/1999) (a) Pauline Chan Bo Lin is imprisoned in London for 240 hours after a disturbance in a pub (b) Mark Cheng Ho Nam, Simon Loui Yu Yeung and Jordan Chan Siu Chun on the set of DOE SAU

(12/8/1999) Ruby Lin (Lam Sum Yu) in a concert sponsoed by YES! Lillian Ho Ka Lei guest performed . Well....for your info , Ruby is one of the "PRINCESS" in popular dram Princess Returning Pearl (Wan Ju Ga Ga). The other popular artiste from this series is Chou Wei who look just as cute.

(12/8/1999) (ZOOM a) At a boy scout event : Lillian Ho Ka Lei (ZOOM b) Ho Ka Lei and Joey Yung Cho Yi raced to dress the kids with ethnic costumes (cd) Yung Cho Yi chatted with fans online


(12/8/1999) ZOOM (a) When Kelly Lin (Lam Hei Lui) promoted her Taiwan television series HUNG NGAN FA online, she expressed that this would be her last Taiwan television series and temporarily leave the Taiwan entertainment scenes to pursue a career in Hong Kong (b) Rachel Lee Lai Chun has been very nervous about her beauty salon's opening (c) Losa Law Lai Sa (d) Grace Yip Pui Man said on an oline chat that in AT THE THRESHOLD OF AN ERA (CHONG SAI GEI) when she returns from studying aboard she would appear to be more mature

News towars the Millenium from December 4th, 1999

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News towards the Millenium from December 4th, 1999




More pictures from Miriam Yeung Chin-Wah's run of two concerts. Yeung wore an array of outfits (top left, top centre, top right). At one point during the concert, Yeung is overcome with emotion. It seems that Ronald Cheng also went for her concerts in Taiwan , and he eventually hold her there in font of her fans when she cried. UMMM romantic !! (bottom left, bottom centre, bottom right).


Brigitte Lin (Lam Ching-Ha), Leslie Cheung Kwok-Wing, and Anita Mui Yim-Fong were some of the stars in attendance for the grand opening of a new salon for hairstylist Kim Robinson (left with stars). Anita Mui Yim-Fong (right) commented that she would rather be happily single than unhappily married when asked about her view on marriage in light of a certain recent scandal.


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Patrick Tse Yin and his ex-wife Deborah (Dik Bo Lai; left) were also in attendance. Rosamund Kwan Chi-Lam (right) was a late arrival to Mr. Robinson's event.


Brigitte Lin (Lam Ching-Ha; right) brought her mother-in-law and four-year-old daughter (left) to the event. Lin is busy these days keeping a happy homestead. Lin had nothing to say about the "Dragon Seed" scandal except to say that fellow contemporary Lam Fung-Giu, Jackie Chan's wife, handled the matter correctly.


The cast for TVB's GUM JONG SEI DAI CHOI JI (lit. AUTHENTIC FOUR GENIUSES) held a costuming session at TVB studios yesterday (left, ZOOM). Nadia Chan Chung-Ling (right) will be the romantic interest of one of the four genuises.


Chan Sau-Chu makes her comeback after taking most of the year off to have a baby out of wedlock. Chan refuses to name the father.



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Anne Heung Hoi-Lan, Lam Ka-Tong, and Esther Kwan Wing-Ho (left to right in left image). Anne Heung Hoi-Lan (centre) will again have a bath scene in the new series. She also had a bath scene in the last series she filmed: YEUNG GWI FEI (lit. CONCUBINE YEUNG). Leung Suet-Mei, Chiu Jing-Yi, and Ma Tai-Lo (left to right in right image) will be playing Spring Fragrance, Winter Fragrance, and Summer Fragrance respectively.


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