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Our Do-dad

Ok this is probally not going to be to fair that I am typing this instead of one of the girls. I am Sivie, I am also Tazman's wife. He has been our do-dad for about 4 years now. He keeps telling me he is not going to register every year but somehow we always talk him into it. He helps out with more things than he thinks he does. And the girls love having him around. And I think that in the back of his mind he really doesn't mind doing things to help the troop out. He has video taped a lot of the things that we have done as a troop. Helped us load up things to go on a campout and made us our very own fire pit in our back yard. I am going to let Lizi put some more things in here about him herself. So that you can have another person's point of view besides mine.

Hmm. What to say? Did you people ever realize how redundant I am? Well, check out gg's notebook and you'll get a pretty good idea. Taz is cool, for an old guy. Did I say old? I mean, um, ancient. Wait, no. That's not it. *g* I'm j/k, Cheerio. He's the greatest do-dad ever. Wait, I don't have anyone to compare him with. *snicker* What? You were expecting something like what I wrote on Sivie's page? Yeah, right. Not from me. I only get that nice once in awhile. Taz helps us a lot though. Without him, sivio would NEVER get the car loaded for camp. Believe me, I've seen him load it. He had to take out everything she did and redo it. *s* and he made these cute little bench things for our fire behind their house. I'm done now. Is this nice enough? *scrolls up* Yeah. It's just the right amount of niceness to be my work. =c) Lates.