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My name is Sivie. I am a Girl Scout Leader. I have three children. My daughter is sixteen, my first son is eight, and my second son is two. I am a housewife and I enjoy being at home with my children. Staying at home also gives me more time for Scouting. This is my fifth year as a Girl Scout Leader. I enjoyed being a Leader so much that I have taken on extra responsibilities like volunteering as a Council Trainer, and being Service Area Manager for our county. I started Girl Scouting so that my daughter would have the opportunity to be a Girl Scout. We started when most of the girls were Juniors. Now they're Seniors. I'm proud of each and every one of my Girl Scouts. They work very hard to achieve their accomplishments.

Hi, it's me, Lizereno. What Sivio didn't mention up there is that her second year in Girl Scouts, she took on another troop so that younger girls would have the opportunity to be in Girl Scouts. And when we bridged to Cadettes, she kept her Junior troop. She was in charge of over 40 girls. I can't even imagine being in charge of that many girls for a trip to the zoo (she probably would have considered leaving many of us there though), much less camping overnight. =c) She's always bragged on us, so now it's our turn to brag back. I'm sure all of the girls in 432 would agree when I say that Sivie's a really great Girl Scout Leader. Okay. Enough serious stuff.