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Hi, my name is Shane. I am 16 years old. My birthday is April 22. I am a Girl Scout of Troop 432. I have greeen eyes and brown hair. Lizereno is my best friend. I attend Ourtown High School. I enjoy watching moves and chatting. Some of my buddies are Cass, TummyBoy, HolyCow, Scorcher, and ReptilianCow. I like to drink Dr. Pepper and star dreamily at guys (hehe j/k, Shane). Some movies I like are: Now and Then, Titanic, and The Man in the Iron Mask. Unlike Liz, I actually think Leonardo DiCaprio is fine. I enjoy listening to country music. Some of my favorite artists are Shania Twain, Back Street Boys, Savage Garden, and Deana Carter. This is my 6th year in Girl Scouts and I enjoy it very much. I think Def Leppard is pretty cool too. Oh yeah! If you wanna know any of Lizereno's deep, dark secrets, I'm the one to ask. I'll tell you one dumb thing she does now. She goes around singing Barney songs all day and if she's not doing that, then she's singing some other song I don't know. I like Dawson's Creek and Buffy the Vampire Slayer. I like going to football games at my school.