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Jack O' the Green (Tom Cruise) is a forest child deeply in love with the Noblewoman, Lily (Mia Sara). Their love comes to a test, however, when Jack brings Lily to see the Unicorns, wondrous incarnations of LIGHT.

Unknown to Lily, the incarnation of Darkness, played to its fullest by Tim Curry, has sent his goblin minions to hunt down and destroy these magical creatures, thus obtaining their alicorns (the source of their powers), and enabling Darkness to reign over all.

As Lily is enraptured in the glory of the moment, one of the beasts is felled by a goblin's poisoned dart. The mortal world freezes in time, and the alicorn falls into the hands of Darkness. Lily and Jack are separated in the ensuing chaos, and Darkness captures Lily, as he, too, has fallen in love with her. Placing a powerful spell over her, he blinds her from her true love. This sets into motion the events of the adventure.

With the aid of the gnome leader, Gump,Jack must discover the champion within himself and Recover the alicorn, for it is the only way to revive the fallen Unicorn and save the world.

Will Jack arrive in time to save the last, remaining Unicorn? Will he defeat Darkness? Can he solve the riddle of the dark magic spell that has befallen his love? I highly suggest this movie if you have found yourself interested in the story. The effects alone are worth a peruzal.

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