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Twila Paris Homepage

January 31, 1999

WELCOME! to the Unofficial Homepage of Twila Paris!

The reason why I have dedicated a page to Twila Paris is that I want to personally thank her for her music by telling others about her. She is the best female artist I have ever heard because she has written the world wide renown classics like "The Warriors Is A Child" and "We Will Glorify", as well as songs that are currently hitting the top charts like "God Is In Control" and "Band of Survivors." I admire her talent for tonguing words no matter how much stress her voice is under. And even now her voice has never wavered or failed. She always dresses modestly on her albums, and is just a wonderful person. Not only has she sung but she had also written books of which I will soon have the priviledge to read. I want to thank her for changing my life through her music.

Twila's latest album is Perennial, that follows up her Dove Award Winning album Sanctuary that she released in 1991. Perennial is a 1998 release. It is the second in the Sanctuary series and these are the songs in order:

1. We Seek His Face 2. Father, We Are Here 3. Come Thou Fount of Every Blessing 4. Faithful Men 5. Be Thou My Vision 6. Amazing Grace 7. Come Thou Fount (reprise) 8. Fountain of Grace 9. When The Roll Is Called Up Yonder 10. My Lips Will Praise You 11. Perennial

Perennial contains heartful worship songs with classic hymns done in a beautiful string and choir vocal way, but without the mystic sounds of Sanctuary. No pop or rock is on this one. It is the perfect album with a few new worship songs, including a remake of Faithful Men, which Twila released before as the title track to her 1985 album Kingdom Seekers. The album is beautiful and comes with a video and devotional book. I'm going to get the book, but the video was incredible. They are availible at your local Christian bookstore.

Twila Paris Discography

Click on the underlined disk titles to learn more information about the disc.

1981: Knowing You're Around

1982: Keeping My Eyes on You

1984: The Warrior Is A Child

1985: Kingdom Seekers

1987: Same Girl

1988: For Every Heart

1989: It's The Thought

1990: Cry For The Desert

1991: Sanctuary

1992: A Heart That Knows You

1993: Beyond A Dream

1995: The Time Is Now

1996:Where I Stand

1998: Perennial

Twila Paris

PO Box 20

Elm Springs, AR 72728

Twila Paris's Statement of Mission

From her CD Beyond A Dream

"Like every believer, I am called first to love God above all else and to live a life of obedience that pleases Him and brings Him glory. From that foundation grows my ministry to the body of Christ and to the world. I believe I am specifically called to emphasize worship, both by writing songs for the church and by leading in worship; to offer hope and encouragement to those who are suffering or weary; to challenge God's people to greater commitment to Him and to one another as His body; to chronicle a growing Christian life with its victories and failures and to be willing to serve as a demonstration of God's love, faithfulness, and ability to work in and through the weakest of vessels. My prayer, when all is said and done, is that those who listen to my music will experience the reality and joy of a relationship with Jesus Christ and that they will always hear His voice above my own."

Thank you for vising my page!

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