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The Dark Realms

Welcome to the Dark Realms! You have dared enter this long forgotten world. Dark Realms is an AD&D world that always seems to be a little grimmer and darker then people would normally expect. Corruption, evil, darkness and death hide in the shadows here, never showing themselves, but making sure that everybody knows about their existence. After the Sundering the world was somewhat torn apart. The gods found that to many vile beings came from the other planes of existence, wreaking havoc upon Aredia, and deceided to put down a Planar Barrier to stop anything to get either on or off the planet. The only way of getting on the Dark Realms is by being summoned, and a summoned being can never return to the plane he or she came from. So be wary travellers, do not get stuck onto this planet as so many of you have before! The gods are harsh here, and will not take a simple mortals' begging to remove the Planer Barrier.

Dark Realms is created using TSR's AD&D books (yeah, still call 'em TSR!) and mainly the PHB, DMG and TOM, any other books are not used in these Realms, so classes and spells not in these books do not exist in the Realms.This is done so for I think this world should be created by the ideas players have, and are then fitted in by the DM (that's only me at the moment)

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