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The Online Portfolio of Dackral Scott Phillips

Dackral Scott Phillips's Picture

Dackral Scott Phillips

Computer Science Masters Graduate
from Auburn University


Software Projects Portfolio

Below are projects that I have done for various classes taken at Auburn.

Undergraduate Curriculum

Summer 2000

COMP-540 - Computer Graphics in Open GL

lab1.c - 2D image
lab2.c - 2D image with animation
lab3.c - 3D image
lab4.c - 3D with lighting
lab5.c - 3D Minature Golf Course

lab5.exe - Windows Executable of lab5.c - Libraries needed by the executable

Fall 2000

COMP-3700 - Software Modeling and Design in UML and C++

life.cpp - Game of life in C++
life2.cpp - Game of Life with twists added in C++

Graduate Curriculum

Summer 2001

COMP-6700 - Software Process in C++

FOUN-7970 - Special Topics in Educational Foundations

FOUN7970.doc - A Case Study in Web Design

Fall 2001

COMP-7320 - Advanced Networking

COMP7320.ppt - In Class Presentation on Distributed Denial of Service Attacks (DDoS)
COMP7320.doc - Final report on Distributed Denial of Service Attacks (DDoS)

COMP-7600 - Computational Intelligence in Java

Final Project - N Queens Six Way Solver
COMP7600.doc - N Queens Report

COMP-7930 - Directed Study

COMP7930.doc - Context Based Image Retrieval System Proposal

Spring 2002

COMP-6620 - User Interface and Design

COMP6620A1.doc - Assignment #1 Write-up
COMP6620A2.doc - Assignment #2 Write-up
COMP6620A8.doc - Assignment #8 Write-up
COMP6620.doc - Final Report

Assignment 1 Page
Assignment 1 Advanced Page
Assignment 2 Query Page
Assignment 2 Results Page

Summer 2002

COMP-7970 - Multimodal Interfaces

Assignments & Exam

Voice XML

Assignment 3 - Subway Restaurant Menu in VoiceXML

COMP-7990 - Master's Thesis

defense.ppt - Presentation for my Master's Defense
defense.xml - Sample Ontology for my Master's Defense
SWOG.doc - Semantic Web Ontology Generator, my Master's Thesis

SWOG Source Code

Professional Website Design

Peach IPM - Auburn University Department of Entomology and Plant Pathology

Someday Heaven - A Local Christian Band

Union Hill Baptist Church - My Church

Alpine Advertising - My Employer


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