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Erev Shel Shoshanim

Melody  - Moshe Dor


Yosef Hadar

Erev shel shoshanim
Netse' na el habustan
Mor behsamin u-levonah
Le-raglecha mifthan

Laylah yored le'aht
Veruach shoshan noshvah
havah 'elchash lach /shir ba-l'at
zemer shel 'ahavah

Shachar homah yonah
Ro'shech male' tlalim
Pich 'el-haboqer shoshannah ---
'Eqt'fennu li.

An evening of Roses
Come let us go into the grove
Myrrh, spices and frankincense
are crushed beneath your feet

Night falls slowly
A lily breeze blows
Come, I'll whisper you a love song slowly,
A song of love

Dawn, a dove coos
Your drowsy head full of dew
Your lips a rose to the morn;
I'll pick it for myself.

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