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Al's MMPR Site

Welcome to the home of the power rangers. You may visit Angel Grove, the moon, Lesendria(my fanfic planet) or my Fanfic of the Power Rangers.



Jason David Frank Fan Club

P.O. Box 6456

Shawnee Mission, KS 66206


August 2002- I'm working on a new web setup, so please have patience, and I've also decided to add info on the villians, some residents, and Zordon and Alpha

July 30, 2002- I've been reading some more of the guest book entries and I hope everyone realizes that I'm not a guy. I'm a 16 year old girl! My name's Allison, but the nickname Al has always stuck with me. Just thought I would clear that up.

July, 2002 Hey guys, know it's been awhile, but I've a very busy person! Anyway, I'm gonna try and get this site back to what it used to be. Send the fanfic to my new e-mail, I've noticed all the comments, good and bad in the guestbook. Guys go to the MMPR club message board! Also if anyone would like to talk to me, there's my e-mail and my AOL sn is Ravenclaw1121. Please patience! Also, my fanfic is stuff I wrote in 4th grade, so I will be re-writing it! ALL SUPPORT AND SUGGESTIONS WILL BE APPRICIATED!!

Aug. 19, 20001

I have decided to allow other peoples fan-fic on my site. As long as it has the 6 original rangers in it it is acceptable, but you may also use my character Verra. I may only pick a few authors at first. Please send them to

Aug. 18, 2001

I created a small place for fans of the ORIGINAL MMPR to chat and exchange ideas, all I have is a chat room and a message board so far.

MMRP Original Fan club

I know I haven't updated in a while. But I am currently typing all my fanfic. In a month or two I should have them up to date. 01/10/01

The contest will be extended until I get enough fan-fics 01/10/01

I extended the contest to 10/20/00--- 8/10/00

NEW QUIZLET!!!!! 7/17/00

A added part of my new fan-fic. When I'm finised I'll post the other part. 7/16/00

Another update. I put most of the Magic Power coins on the magic ranger's pages. In Fan fic!! 7/14/00

Another update, I put a link to the magic zords in the fanfic section. 7/13/00

Another update. I added another page to my fanfic. One about Verra before the MMPR coins were destroyed. It's in the fanfic(duh!) 7/2/00

I updated again!!! I have a new Quizlet!! Sorry about not updating, Algebra again. 6/13/00

When I saw this picture, I was confused and amazed. I really like it, because it shows the two black rangers. I don't know send me your thoughts about it.

I know I used pictures from Turbo, and Space for my pics of Verra. But Cassie is exactly how I pictured Verra. Plus, I've made Cassie be Verra's "other". Because for everyone on Earth there's a person exactly like that person on Verra's planet.

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