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              Petes Aermacchi Page



The aim of these pages is to provide information for European owners of Aermacchis.As I have had several requests about the two stroke bikes I will add information about them. I have recently added a list of American dealers who have parts and manuals for lightweight Harleys/Aermacchis.Harley Davidson no longer print any manuals etc for older bikes. Also added is page of parts for sale/wanted. Information about the Linto and other less well known aermacchis will be added soon.


if anybody has any useful suggestions,links or info to add, e-mail me

Links to U.K. and European parts suppliers and web sites, plus the 2 main U.S. sites

List of books and magazine articles on Aermacchi.

New-list U.S. Dealers

New Parts for sale/wanted