The commercial starship Nostromo was going home when it was ordered to check out a distress signal coming from a unexplored planet. The planet LV-426.

They Nostromo set down on LV-426 to investigate.

Three of the crew members set out toward where the distress signal was coming from.

As they came closer they saw a spaceship of some sort.

It looked like it had crashed and been here for quite some time.

The crew members entered inside the spaceship and found a dead alien attached to a chair it looked as though the alien was not totally organic.

Kane, one of the crew members entered a room full of eggs.

While he was investigating, one of the eggs opened and a spider-like creature attached itself to his face.

He was taken back to their spaceship and kept under heavy watch.

The spider-like creature or facehugger fell off him and died. A little while after that while he was having tea he started to convulse and an alien burst out of his chest. He died.

The alien then started to kill of each crew members until there was only one left. Ellen Ripley took it upon herself to destroy the alien by blowing it out of her EEV escape capsules airlock.



Fifty-seven years later a salvage team came across Ripley's EEV and Ripley was awoken from her hyper-sleep.

She told the story of what had happened fifty-seven years earlier to people at a meeting who, of course, didn't believe her.

Ripley gets a shock to find out that sixty to seventy families have been living on the planet LV-426 for the last twenty years.

Then a day or so later, Ripley gets called upon to come to the planet because they have lost contact with the people on it.

She reluctantly goes there with the Colonial Marines just to be a supervisor. They entered the Med-lab and some tubes with Facehuggers in them, two were alive and the rest were dead.

Shortly after that they found a little girl named Newt, she had been hiding out from the aliens.

They eventually enter the alien hive and find lots of people, most of them dead, stuck to the wall with some kind of secreted resin that the aliens make.

They found a person that was conscious a few seconds after they found her, an alien burst from her chest and the Marines incinerated it.

Then all of the aliens started to attack them.

Three of the Marines survived that attack.

After that they called their dropship to come and pick them up, an alien got on board and killed the crew, as a result the dropship crashed.

They salvaged what they could from the wrecked dropship and made their way back to the Med-lab and Operations rooms.

Then a man by the name of Burke who had came with them then released the two Facehuggers into the room where Ripley and Newt were sleeping. After they had set off the fire alarm the Marines came and destroyed the Facehuggers.

They then proceeded to seal off both The Med-lab and Operations.

They were ready for another battle.

They kept Burke under close surveillance from then on.

Then the aliens started to close in for the kill, they all proceeded back to the sealed off Operations room and got ready to fight just in case they got past the barricades and sealed off steel doors. They did.

They approached from a place where they hadn't sealed it off. The vents in the ceiling.

After that attack only one Marine named Corporal Hicks had survived, there was also only Newt, Ripley and Bishop who is the on-board synthetic(robot) were left.

The girl slipped down a vent and into knee-deep water where the aliens took her.

Hicks and Ripley made their way to the exit and waited as Bishop piloted the other dropship manually down.

They then all got aboard, but they did not leave Ripley was determined to go back and search for the girl, who she believed was not dead.

Ripley armed herself to the teeth like a woman version of Rambo with a: MK rifle

Grenade Launcher

And Flame-thrower


She proceeded inside where she found Newt who was about to be the subject of a Facehugger, she shot the Facehugger and killed a few aliens that disagreed with her.

She then picked up Newt and headed for the exit, she took a wrong turn and ended up in a room with hundreds of alien eggs and the Queen alien.

After a long pause Ripley used her flame-thrower on all the eggs and once again shot a few more aliens.

She then ran for the exit, she found the elevator that led straight to the exit, and as soon as the elevator had closed the Queen alien was there.

Once at the top Ripley could not see the dropship anywhere.

Meanwhile the Queen figured out and used the other elevator that was there and started going up to where she was.

Ripley was stuck with no where to go and no ammo to use.

The Queen alien reached the top and advanced towards them, and at that very moment Bishop and Hicks arrived in the dropship and carried them away.

They escaped from the thermal nuclear blast from the breached atmospheric processor on the planet and landed back on the mother ship in space.

Ripley and Bishop were talking when Bishop gasped, something was trying to push its way out of his chest, a tail then burst from Bishops chest and the Queen alien stepped out from her hiding place on the outside of the dropship. With no effort she ripped him apart. Bishop being a robot did not die but two parts of his body were scattered on either side of the room.

Ripley told Newt to run, Newt ran and hid under the grate in the floor. Ripley caught the Queen aliens full attention then ran towards another room, the Queen gave chase but by the time she got there Ripley had already closed the door.

The Queen then tried to get the little girl by lifting up each grate on the floor one by one, she had the little girl cornered when the door opened back up and Ripley was there in a loader machine. She then said her famous words "Get away from her you bitch!"

Ripley and the Queen had a fight, but Ripley opened up the first out of two doors of the airlock, she then grabbed the Queen using the loaders arms and then tried to drop her down to where the last door for the airlock was. The Queen grabbed the leg of the loader and took it down with her.

Ripley then got out of the loader and pushed the button to open the airlock, the Queen alien was then sucked out. She closed the airlock and they all got into their cryotubes and went to sleep.




There was a fire onboard the mother ship and as a safety precaution the mothership ejected the cryotubes in a small escape ship.

They landed on Fiorina 'Fury' 161 the maximum security male prison.

They found their escape pod and recovered Ripley.

Bishop was smashed beyond repair in the crash.

Newt drowned in her cryotube.

Hicks was killed instantly by a beam that fell on his cryotube.

Ripley was on the only survivor.

Once Ripley was on her feet again she went with chief medical officer Dr Clemens to the prison morgue to find out exactly what happened to the girl. Ripley did not believe she had drowned, but that something else had killed her, she was wrong the girl had drowned.

A facehugger that was on the ship with them was in the escape vessel when it was ejected and impregnated the prison mate's dog.

His dog eventually gave birth to an alien. The dog died.

The alien pushed one of the cell mates who was cleaning one of the ventilation tunnels into a rapidly spinning nine foot fan, his death was instantaneous.

The alien then killed two of three men that were setting up candles in one part of the prison, the survivor ran back screaming saying that a dragon had got them. He was blamed for their deaths.

At about that time Ripley found the mangled remains of Bishop and plugged him into a terminal which then awoke Bishop.

Bishop could talk, but do nothing else. He told her that an alien was on the ship with them at that it came with them all the way.

Ripley then tried to tell the boss of the prison Mr Andrews about the alien and what it was like.

He of course thought she was raving mad and sent her back to the infirmary.

While she was there and talking to Clemens the alien came and killed Clemens and was about to kill Ripley when it sensed something and went away.

Ripley ran to tell them of the alien and that it was there.

Mr Andrews was in the middle of telling his assistant to remove her when the alien grabbed his head and hauled him up into a vent in the ceiling that he was standing under.

Ripley then realised after having a bio x-ray that she had a alien inside her, and then she knew why the alien had not attacked her, the alien she was carrying was a Queen.

They tried to blow the alien up with fuel but that plan back fired when the alien set the detonator off first and killed lots of the prisoners that were helping.

They then tried to lure it into a pit where they could pour hot led on it. After a few more deaths they succeeded in getting it into the pit, by that time there was only one prisoner and Ripley left.

The prisoner poured the led on the alien.

After a few minutes the alien jumped out of the hot led and pursued Ripley.

Ripley then turned on the water main and the alien was saturated with water, The alien could not stand the two temperatures of hot and cold and blew up.

At that moment Bishop walked in with his men to take Ripley.

By that time she was already away from him on a platform.

This Bishop was not a robot but he was real, he designed the synthetic but was very much human, and his only intent was to capture Ripley and take the alien out of her for the company's Bio-weapons division, even if it meant killing her.

Ripley rejected Bishops offer to help, because she knew what he really wanted.

Ripley then turned around and let herself fall off the platform towards the red-hot incinerator below as she was falling the Queen alien burst from her chest and gave a few desperate squeaks before it and Ripley's body were both incinerated from the incinerator.


Alien Resurrection:


Two hundred years after Ripley died at Fiorina 'Fury' 161 a scientist named Dr Wren found Ripleys DNA from the prison and started trying to clone her…and the Queen Alien she was carrying. The aliens or 'Xenomorphs' had been rendered extinct after Ripley jumped into the incinerator.

This angered the company that wanted the aliens for there bio-weapons division - 'Weyland-Yutani' corp.

That company had long since diminished but a scientist aboard the 'Auriga' space ship started trying to bring Ripley back from the dead. After twenty years of deformities he finally cloned her in a test-tube.

Once she was fully developed he made in incision in her chest and took the Queen Alien out without killing her.

He put the Alien in a tank, but had a holding cell ready for it when it grew older, which would be in a matter of hours.

He kept Ripley alive even though he did not need her anymore, it would be a waste to terminate such a magnificent specimen now.

When Ripley awoke they took her out of there and tried to jog her memory to see if she would come back to herself.

But it did not happen as well as they wanted it too.

The clone of Ripley had mixture of her own DNA and the Queen Aliens DNA. Ripley was not different in her appearance, but she was as strong as an alien, had acid for blood, was telepathic like the aliens and she also communicated with them, she no longer hated as much as she once did, but she did not like them that much.

General Perez was the military owner of the ship 'Auriga' and his ship was always clean and pristine, and he had hand picked his men who were well trained military men.

A ship called the 'Betty' docked with the Auriga and a motley crew of 'space' pirates came out with about twenty cryotubes with sleeping people in them.

Once the Queen alien started laying eggs Dr Wren and his assistants took them and the cargo of sleeping people the Betty crew had brought them and set one egg inside each cryotube. When the people started to wake the eggs opened

And twenty Facehuggers jumped onto twenty peoples faces and impregnated them with the alien embryo's.

A crew member named 'Call' saw Ripley and heard her name being called, Call had done some history research on Ripley and could not believe she was alive aboard this ship.

Call went and tried to talk with Ripley in her secure holding cell, Ripley had hurt some people and was not trusted.

Call was caught going into that restricted area and was stunned and brought before the rest of the 'Betty' crew the crew got edgy and shot everyone in the room except doctor Wren and a soldier by the name of Distephano.

Meanwhile the warriors aliens were watching the expressions of the human creatures outside, and knew something was wrong but they were trapped. There were three aliens in that room, the Queen was in a separate room.

Two aliens pounced upon the third alien slashing at it and killing it, the acid from the dying alien splashed every where in the room and started to melt the floor of the room.

The aliens escaped!

They let out the Queen and all the other ones.

They then started to kill everybody, until the only people left were the Betty crew, Dr Wren, Distephano, a man named Purvis that was one of the cryo men with the alien inside that had not yet burst out yet and the cloned Ripley.

They were ambushed many times by the aliens but they still survived, some died though.

Ripley fell through the floor and into the middle of the alien hive.

The aliens all felt as though she was the Queen of the them and the Queen alien, the provider of all. They did not kill her.

Meanwhile the rest of them made their way back to the 'Betty' ship and prepared to leave, but Dr Wren tried to kill Call and leave with out them, when they had arrived at the ship Wren had them all at gunpoint.

Ripley watched as the Queen alien gave birth to another alien, a Newborn, since the Queen was part human it gave birth like through its chest like everyone else, it did not kill it.

The Newborn was very much deformed, it had eyes and no second mouth and it was coloured white and had a deformed snout.

The Newborn crawled stood up until it was at eye level with the Queen and then it ripped her head off.

The Newborn believed Ripley was its mum.

Ripley found an exit and ran away the Newborn felt betrayed and pursued her.

She entered the Betty just before they were about to leave.

Purvis felt the alien coming and it started to try to break through his ribcage, Purvis ran screaming towards Dr Wren who shot him about three times but the pain of the bullet wounds did not even register against the pain of the alien trying to break through. He pushed Wren over and held his head at his chest. The alien burst through his chest and into the back of Wrens head killing them both.

They then shot and killed the alien.

They could not leave because the airlock was not closing properly, Call went to check it out, the Newborn surprised and cornered Call.

Distephano wondered what was keeping Call and went to see her, the Newborn confronted him and killed him Call was already hiding under something where the Newborn could not reach.

Ripley knew something was wrong at went to what it was.

She saw the Newborn but just before it was going to kill her she made motherly gestures to it and it reconsidered killing her and started to hug her. She asked the Newborn to close the airlock which it did, as soon as it was closed they left the dock to make their way to planet earth.

Ripleys hand was bleeding so she flicked some acid on to the airlock window, the acid melted and started to suck everything out of it, the New born was pulled back toward the small whole and bit by bit it was sucked out the airlock, it took awhile and the Newborn was under excruciating pain until it finally died. Ripley and Call went back to the cockpit.

The ship Auriga that was now infested with aliens was also headed to earth, but instead of landing there it crashed in a ball of fire that nothing could of survived.



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