• JFK INVESTIGATION ... Dear Mr President, (Disclaimer: This IS NOT TRUE, well, not necessarily true, it was a school project) My name is Kirk Peacock and I am the person that you appointed to re-open and ...
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By Kirk Peacock


Dear Mr President,


(Disclaimer: This IS NOT TRUE, well, not necessarily true, it was a school project)

My name is Kirk Peacock and I am the person that you appointed to re-open and investigate the case of John Fitzgerald Kennedy�s assassination. Since the Warren Commission Investigation, new information has come to the fore. I have been collating the evidence that is available through a variety of resources and have come up with four possible theories as to who, why and how JFK was assassinated. In this report I have stated the four theories I have come up with and have then stated my factual account which I believe solves this mystery once and for all.




Kirk Peacock


Theory One � Warren Commission Investigation


The Warren Commission Investigation states that Lee Harvey Oswald was the lone assassin and that he fired three shots in the assassination.The Warren Commission explain this using the theory that is aptly named the �Magic Bullet� theory. There were only three bullets fired, one of which missed the car and left a superficial wound on James Tague�s cheek down by the Triple Underpass, another bullet accounted for the fatal shot to Kennedy�s head. This leaves only one bullet to account for all seven wounds in Kennedy and Governor Connally, hence the magic bullet. The �Magic Bullet� theory states that the bullet entered about halfway down Kennedy�s back; it then went on an upward trajectory where it exits Kennedy�s throat. It then waits for 1.6 seconds and then turns right and then left and hits Connally behind his right armpit and then heads downwards on a twenty-seven degree angle breaking part of his fifth rib. From there the bullet exited the side of his chest and turns right and enters Connally�s body at his wrist where it breaks the distal end of the Ulna, it then exits the wrist and turns left and ends up in his left thigh. Thus all three bullets are accounted for and fired by Lee Harvey Oswald.


Theory Two � House Select Committee on Assassinations


The House Select Committee on Assassinations came up with much the same conclusion as what the Warren Commission did. The House Select Committee believed that Lee Harvey Oswald fired three shots at President Kennedy and that the second and third shot hit the President. The third shot was the head shot that ultimately killed the President. They found that the two shots were fired from behind the motorcade from the southeast corner on the sixth floor of the Texas School Book Depository building. The House Select Committee on Assassinations also believed that Lee Harvey Oswald was present on the sixth floor of the School Book Depository building at the time of the assassination and that Oswald�s actions support the conclusion that he killed President John Fitzgerald Kennedy. However, the Committee also believed that due to acoustical evidence that there was a very high probability that two gunmen fired at the President. Ultimately the committee believes that President Kennedy was killed as a result of a conspiracy, though the committee cannot identify the other gunmen or what the actual conspiracy really is. However the committee determined that on the basis of the evidence provided that the Soviet Government, Cuban Government, anti-Castro Cuban groups, Federal Bureau of Investigation, Central Intelligence Agency and organised crime groups were not involved in the assassination of President John Fitzgerald Kennedy.


Theory Three � Jim Garrison Theory


Jim Garrison was a New Orleans district attorney who became suspicious after reading the Warren Commissions report. Garrison then investigated Oswald�s activities prior to the assassination of 1963. He found relationships between Oswald and the anti-Castro Cubans, FBI and the offices of Guy Bannister. His two suspects were David Ferrie and Clay Shaw, both with CIA links. Ferrie claimed he had helped set up the assassination and that Oswald was killed because he made some mistakes. David Ferrie was then later found dead under suspicious circumstances on February 22, 1967. Garrison prosecuted Clay Shaw and although he convinced the jury that there was a conspiracy, there was not enough evidence to convict Shaw of his involvement. On March 1st, 1969, two years after Shaw was first arrested he was acquitted by the jury after less than an hour of deliberation.


Theory Four � Mafia & CIA


The theory is that the American Mafia namely the organised crime syndicate in New Orleans led by Traffiente Marcello hired foreign help from the Corsican Mafia to assassinate President John Fitzgerald Kennedy�s plight and ambition for peace. Kennedy was pulling troops out of Vietnam and dismantling the Cuban missiles; the Mafia needed war because of the demand for weapons and men. Also, in the �Bay of Pigs� plot, the CIA hired the Mafia to kill Fidel Castro and promised to send American support but Kennedy refused the support and many Mafia men were slaughtered. So three men from the Corsican Mafia fired at Kennedy, one shot hit Kennedy in the neck from the grassy knoll and then then two more shots hit Kennedy in the head and Connolly in the back and a fourth shot missed altogether. The Mafia, then set Oswald up as the scape goat knowing his Russian connections to the KGB in the hope that the American public would see this is an attack on them from the Russians and demand that war be declared on Russia, thus the need for mass weapons production and men, as well as it would mean that less attention would be paid to Cuba and so the New Orleans Mafia�s profit organisations such as gambling and prostitution could run almost unhindered. In response to this the CIA covered it up to avoid World War three and quickly silenced Oswald to stop any possible dispute, because if Oswald had a chance to speak and was linked to the KGB then war would be inevitable.


The Factual Account of the JFK Assassination


On the 22nd of November, 1963 at about 12:30pm President John Fitzgerald Kennedy was assassinated by three members of the Corsican Mafia, while he was visiting Dallas in Texas, and was pronounced dead at approximately 1pm.


Firstly in order to get to the real truth in this matter, a common misbelief must be laid to rest once and for all. The Warren Commission report defied almost all the evidence that there truly was in the investigation and that itself suggests that there was a conspiracy to cover up the assassination. Acoustically, there is a 96.3%[1] chance, which is beyond a reasonable doubt that a shot was fired from the Grassy Knoll according to a recording taken accidentally by a Dallas Police Officer, this audio recording can also be played over the Zapruder Film and it matches it perfectly. According to the Warren Commission, there were three shots and all fired by Oswald on the sixth floor in the south east corner of the School Book Depository building. Also, yet another factor which defies logic and reason and adds to the truth that there was a conspiracy, is the whole basis of the Warren Commissions Investigation itself, the �Magic Bullet�[2] theory.This theory states that three bullets killed Kennedy, one in the head, one which missed and one bullet that did seven different wounds in both Kennedy and Connolly, which involved the bullet stopping for 1.6[3] seconds in the air and changing direction twice, which defies physics.


Having put to rest that misleading theory, the rest of my findings will now become apparent.


The New Orleans Mafia, led by Traffiente Marcello, did not like President John Fitzgerald Kennedy in 1963 because the Mafia got its money from the weapons production due to the war at Vietnam and also from their gambling and prostitution organisations running in Cuba and Kennedy was severely disrupting these operations. Kennedy�s brother Robert was fighting organised crime, and John Kennedy himself was pulling troops that were stationed in Vietnam back to America while also taking away Soviet missiles that were in Cuba. This meant that the American Mafia were losing out on a lot of money. A further reason for the Mafia to dislike Kennedy was in the �Bay of Pigs� invasion, when the CIA hired the Mafia to dispose of Fidel Castro and were promised American support, however Kennedy refused to send support and the Mafia men were slaughtered. Hence the Mafia had more than enough reason to want President Kennedy dead.


The New Orleans Mafia then hired three highly skilled hit men from their Corsican counterparts, the Corsican Mafia, this way allowing foreigners to do the job that would not be recognised by the local populace. I learnt about the Corsican Mafia�s involvement through two eye-witness sources, Christian David and Michelle Nicoli[4]. They were interviewed separately and there accounts of which did match up. Christian David identified one of the three killers as being �Lucien Sarti�, and Michelle Nicoli confirmed this and gave the names of the two other assassins, those being �Sauveur Pironti� and �Roger Bocognani�. Lucien Sarti has been confirmed as dead since those interviews took place.


Taking into account the acoustics and the amount of damage done to both Kennedy and Connolly I have determined that there were four bullets fired in the assassination. Prior to the assassination one or more of the assassins entered the south east corner on the sixth floor of the School Book Depository building where Lee Harvey Oswald worked. They opened a window and planted a rifle nearby and then exited the building. Then one of the assassins set himself up by the picket fence on the Grassy Knoll dressed in a Dallas Policeman�s uniform[5], while the other two, set themselves up in the DalTex Building. Thus, they used the School Book Depository building as a decoy to give them more time to clean up the real evidence after the assassination and to draw the attention away from the Mafia, and on to Lee Harvey Oswald.


When President Kennedy�s motorcade was within range the three assassins took their shots, one assassin from the DalTex building fired twice. In total there were four shots fired, the first shot was fired from the Grassy Knoll and hit Kennedy in the neck, the second and third shots were fired rapidly from the DalTex building, one of which missed and hit the concrete beside James Tague who was flicked in the cheek by a bit of concrete shrapnel[6], the other shot narrowly missed Kennedy as he was slumping forward by that stage from being hit in the neck, and hit Governor Connolly in the back, breaking his 5th rib, breaking the distal end of his Ulna and going into his thigh[7]. The fourth and final bullet is fired approximately five seconds after the first, and is fired from the DalTex building where the bullet enters the back of Kennedy�s head and explodes the top right half of Kennedy�s face as is clearly shown by the Zapruder Film[8].


None of the bullets were fired from the sixth floor of the Book Depository building, which was set-up to frame Oswald, as a policeman entered the Depository building 90 seconds after the fatal head shot and found only Oswald on the 2nd floor. Also, further examination of photos of Kennedy show that Kennedy�s jacket was scrunched up because of the way he was sitting in the seat, and so the bullet exited out through Kennedy�s neck and jacket. When the jacket is straightened out it appears as though the bullet entered his back, when it really entered his neck[9].





It is logical to assume, although there is no evidence to prove it, but that the three assassins stayed in a safe house prior to and after the assassination.


Lee Harvey Oswald had not defected to Russia in the past, but was low level intelligence[10] for the CIA and was sent there. He married the niece of a KGB Colonel. Upon his return the CIA had quite a bit to do with the Mafia and Oswald more than likely was involved in their activities. Through this involvement the Mafia learnt about Oswald and used him as their fall guy. The reason for this was that by framing Oswald the American public would see him as a Russian and a communist and discover that he had a connection with the KGB. This, in a time when the �Cold war� was raging and the tension between Russia and America was intense. Therefore if the American public saw the connection between Oswald and the Russian KGB, then war would be demanded against Russia. Thus, the Mafia would make money off the massive weapons production that would be necessary for war against Russia and also war against Russia would mean that there would be less attention paid to their gambling and prostitution operations in Cuba.


The CIA most certainly did not want war and so they used Jack Ruby, who hand been seen with Oswald a few weeks prior to the assassination[11] to silence Oswald. So on the 24th of November, 1963 while Oswald was being transferred from the Police station to the jail, Jack Ruby shot him in the chest, and Oswald died a few hours later. The CIA threatened Ruby and he was forced into assassinating Oswald[12].


This way the CIA silenced Oswald before he could tell his story and link the assassination to the Mafia, if he had, the KGB would be scrutinised and war called for because of Oswald�s Russian involvement. The CIA covered up it so carefully as to even make sure the bullet found on the grassy knoll was not used as evidence[13]. Effectively, the CIA covered up the assassination to prevent war, and hence, covered it up for the New Orleans Mafia, and framed Oswald as the lone assassin; this makes the CIA as the Conspirators and the Mafia as the assassins.



A fourth bullet

Text Box: The First shell fired from the grassy knoll is discovered and removed from the site and from evidence in further investigations.





      The two remaining Corsican assassins, Sauveur Pironti and Roger Bocognani, if still alive should be caught and brought to trial, so that they can be jailed.


      In future all surrounding buildings on a foreign presidential route should be cleared and secured by the SS to prevent assassination attempts.


      President should always wear a bullet proof vest when on public display to help minimise a successful assassination attempt.


      President should not travel in an open roofed Motorcade, especially not around urban areas with many buildings.


      Traffiente Marcello should, if alive, be brought to trial and charged with pre-meditated murder.





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