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Seven R's Whitetail Ranch welcomes you and your party to a new and reasonable way to hunt the Deep South White Tail Deer.

7R's Whitetail Ranch is family owned and operated. Upon arrival you will be provided with guide service by a member of the family.

These hunts are for weekends, and bow hunters only. Bow season begins in mid-October and runs thru the end of January. Your hunting area at 7R's Whitetail Ranch is comprised of privately owned land from the beautiful hills of Tallapoosa County.

You will find food plots planted with whitetail clover and winter rye.

We have some tree stands or you can bring your own.

We welcome you and your party for Bow Season (which begins in mid-October) where you will be hunting hardwood and swamp area feeding grounds undisturbed by winter gun hunters. In Alabama you may take a Buck or Doe per day during bow season.

We do not have a camping area available but you may wish to stay in one of the many motels in the area. We can make reservations for you and your party.

The area has many good restaurants and deli's from which you may choose. We do not have a rustic lodge nor do we serve those traditional southern breakfasts of homemade biscuits with country ham and sausage, but what we do have is a weekend of hunting the whitetail deer in beautiful Alabama at a price that you can afford.

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7R's Whitetail Ranch
3846 County Road, Hwy 89 North
Camp Hill, AL 36850

E-mail: 7R's Whitetail Ranch