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African Women in Slavery

The Black woman has been ignored even more; she has been considered historically inferior to the white female in the United States and at the same time a member of an entire family of people that was considered little more than chattel for more than 200 years.

We would like to express our research out in this site about the history and lives of African women before, during and after slavery. This website is informative and hopefully will supply our readers the knowledge of African labor and what went on during that era. We have many links on slavery if you scroll down and each link describes a specific time of that era in depth. Our main focus is on Black women and particulary their daily lives filled with reactions and emotions to the hard labor they had to endure. Hopefully our accurate data will fulfill or extend the knowledge of Black women in slavery into your intelligent minds. If there are any questions, comments or malfunctions with our websites feel free to email and inform one of us. There is a contacts link if you scroll down as well. Thank you for visiting our homepage and hopefully you will visit again.

African Women During Days of Slavery

Life Before Slavery
When African Women were Captured
The Lives of African Women During Slavery
Prominent African Women During Slavery
The End of Slavery and its Aftermath
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