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Girls Gone Wild!

Girls Gone Wild! well... not THAT kind of wild! Let me explain. Quite awhile back myself and several other female friends from the fire department starting getting together and going out on the weekends. We called it our "girl's night out" and adhered to the strict policy that while pretty much any of the girls from the Central Matsu Fire Department (or Big Lake Fire Dept... but Ashley, we love you anyways and won't tell anyone you're from Big Lake! shhhhhh!) there are no guys allowed! (with the small exception of the occasional much abused cabana boy. for more info on how to apply see Andy Cunnington ;) We're all EMT's or Paramedics, and most of us are firefighters/rescue techs.... and whether we're going to the movies, dinner, drinking, snomaching, WHATEVER.. we have FUN. a LOT of fun.

The Girls

Our Photo Albums!

Girl's Snomachine/Camping Trip!
Our Salmon Fishing Trip!
Night On The Town!
Happy on Horse Back!