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Hope opened her eyes slowly, taking in the faint sunlight coming from the uncovered window. She got up silently, gingerly getting to her feet. She approached the window and stared at the morning sky, watching as the sun's bright rays streaked across the grey cloudy sky. Reaching it's light out like a mother's arms reaching for her child. Hope peered at the hillside, dark and still, baren trees stood outlined against the gradually brightening sky.

She placed her fingertips gently on the locks of the window and pulled until they clicked. Slowly, she slid the window open, a slight breeze blew in, catching and playing with her dark hair. The cool morning air felt refreshing as it softly hit her face, slowly mixing with the musky air of the old house. She closed her eyes and listened to the sounds of the world around her. But, to her confusion, she heard nothing. Just the breeze, faintly whistling, but no birds, no cars running along the not so distant highway, for it was what she heard every morning. Keeping her eyes closed, she listened more. Stealthily the silence unerved her, making her anxious, and uncomfortable.

The pounding of feet hitting the ground hard awoke Hope from her quiet, nervous state.

"Ah!", she gasped softly out of surprise.

Opening her eyes just in time to see a dark figure fade into the brush around the back yard.
Her eyes darted quickly, like that of a frightened animal. In a rush, she slammed the window shut. The slam echoed through the whole house and around it. From the trees, crows threw themselves at the sky, flying away in fear and cawing loudly.

She backed away from the window as she clicked the locks closed and hurriedly pulled the crimson colored drapes together. Breathing loudly, she sat down on her bed, keeping her eyes on the window. "What the hell?", she whispered to herself faintly, as she stood up once more.


It lurked quietly, peering at the house, focusing it's sight on the window, it drew closer. On large hand-like paws and muscular legs, it moved slowly. The sunlight shining down on it's back, making the course brown hair along it's body glisten as it blew in the gentle breeze. It's pupils narrowing on the window, ever so slowly creeping closer, it passed the brush and headed toward it's destination.


Hope pulled her shirt over her head and tugged it slightly down over her pants. Still keeping her eyes on the window, she saw a shadow emerge slowly, placing it's hands on the window sill outside. She gasped and backed away toward the doorway. Knowing that she needed a weapon and to get out of there. The shadow slid it's hands up to the middle of the window, pressing, causing the glass making light cracking noises. Hope ran out of the room as fast as she could, banging the door shut. She ran down the hallway, heading for the kitchen.

"Crack!", glass broke and shattered onto the wooden floor. "Thud, thud!", two sets of feet it the ground right after the other.

"Two people?", Hope questioned breathlessly as she opened a kitchen draw with a red "X" on the handle.

"Bam, bam!", the creature was pounding and scratching at the door.

In a rush, she pulled out a pistol, dropping it on the floor due to shaking hands. It's clatter ringing in her ears as it merged with the banging.

"BAM! Thud.", the door came unhinged and hit the floor.

She lunged for the gun, and grabbed a knife, running for the kitchen door, closing and locking it.
She leaned up against the door and braced herself, expecting it to be hit full force by the intruder. Alas, nothing. Not a sound, bang, or scratch. Nothing. She slowed her breathing and stopped it altogether. She listened hard for one sound to clue her to where, what she thought was a person, was.

"BAM! Thud, thud, thud!"

Hope snapped her head in the direction of the noises, the roof. A confused expression came over her face. She followed it's sound, leading her gaze right to the kitchen window.

"Crack!", a large black hand, laced with sharp claws reached over the window and latched onto the side of the house. Her eyes widened, in shock and confusion. This was no person.

Her heart began racing, she fumbled with the lock and burst through the door, slamming it hard and looking for a place to hide next. Her sights locking onto her car keys.

"Crack! Bam!", glass could be heard shattering over the kitchen floor.

She ran and grabbed her keys, turning around and watching a large mass of dark fur lunge through the kitchen door and it's forearms hitting the hallway wall.

Hope's green eyes caught the creature's yellow ones. It's flank was large and muscular, with four strong legs. Each foot connected to four or five dagger like claws. It's dog-like face parted, giving view to a horrendous mouth. Riddled with jagged fangs pointing in all directions.

Hope trembled and slowly rasied the gun.

It's wide pupils narrowed to slits of black and focused on the gun, letting out a soft snarl and facing it's body toward her, arching it's back and tensing it's body.

She pulled the trigger as it leaped at her. "Raaaaiihh!", the creature shrieked and fell to the ground from midair with a loud thud.

It stared up at her with lifeless, cold eyes. Blood slowly trickling from it's forehead.

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