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Max walked over to Hope and looked into her eyes, "I didn't mean for this to happen.", he searched her eyes for a small chance of forgiveness.

Hope sighed and sat down on a metal stool, Max kneeled beside her. She looked down at him, wondering if she should try to disarm him and run.

Max reached and took her hand and kissed it softly. She jerked her hand away and stood up quickly, raising an eyebrow.

He leaned his head down, then stood up, "Damn yourself, for all I care. You won't make it out. And if you do, you'll still die."

Hope reached into her pocket slowly, gripping the tazer. Max walked slowly toward her, she kept her hand in her pocket as she watched him.

"Help us, and help yourself...", he touched her neck gently and kissed her slowly. She carefully slid her hand out, holding the tazer tightly. Max ran his hands over her shoulders, then stopped suddenly, responding to the coolness of the tazer being pressed against the side of his neck.

"Give me your gun.", Hope whispered.

He looked into her eyes sadly. But, he took his gun out and handed it to her, "You're making the wrong choice."

His blue eyes reflected the light coming from the lamp next to him. Hope moved her eyes from his to the gun, thinking frantically. Slowly, she reached for the gun, making Max's face become more full of dread.

Suddenly, the lab door opened. Max quickly hid his gun as Hope hid her tazer.

"What's goin' on?", Rob walked in casually.

"Nothing, man.", Max forced a faint smile.

Rob nodded and sat on a stool next to the door.

"Where's Sarah?"

"Ah... She's in the kitchen, looking for something. What, I don't know."

Max looked around the lab nervously. He wanted to help Hope, but he also wanted to help his sister and himself. If it was found out that the Rosen Clauden corparation had such a disaster, he'd be out of a job, along with his sister. Still, he had newborn feelings for the mysterious girl standing just a few feet away. His eyes stopped at an air vent, big enough for a person to get through.



"Go outside, let me know when Sarah is on her way back."

"Sure.", Rob stood up and walked out, closing the door behind him.

"There.", Max pointed to the vent. "There's your escape."

Hope walked slowly over to the vent and inspected it carefully. She gripped the metal grate and pulled.

"Are you sure about this?"

She continued pulling, hearing the creaking of the metal giving way.

"Where will you go? You have no real weapons. That's the only way to take those things down. All you have is a tazer, your rifle's in the lobby."

"Then give me your gun.", She grunted as she pulled the grating off, tripping a little, "Or come with me."

Max looked at her, surprised, "What?"

"Come with me."

"But, my sister. And Rob."

"No offense, but, your sister is insane. Rob? You tell him, get him to come."

"Yes. She might just be. But she's doing it for the good of the corparation and my family."

"And you agree that if you have me, you can kill all those creatures? You're wrong. I'm only one person. Three, if I work with you and Rob, and that won't affect anything. And I don't really care about your corparation or your family."

Max looked at the door, then back at Hope, "Fine. You're right. But, then what? Those things are gonna get out of the city by tomorrow night."

Hope looked into the air vent, it reflected the light of the lab in a cool green cast.

"Eventually, those things will be every where. We can't escape them."

Hope slowly stepped onto a chair, then a table right below the vent. "That's what you think. If you're coming, make sure you close up the vent."

Max sighed loudly then ran over to the door, and opened it, Rob turned his head and smiled, "Hey, ma-"

"Shhh! Get inside."

Rob nodded and walked in, spotting Hope's upper body within the vent. "Uh...?"

Max looked at Hope, then back at Rob.

"Should Sarah know about this?"

"No!", Hope whispered loudly.

"If you're trying to leave. Why not use the entrance you came in?"

"There's security cameras and eye scans all over the place, Rob."


Hope got out of the vent, "Sarah's crazy, Rob. She wants the three of us to go out there with nothing but a truck and some guns, and kill all of those creatures. She told me if I don't agree to it, she'll kill me."

Rob's face looked shocked, he turned to his boss and friend, "Max, is this true? She wants us on the streets? She wants to kill her?"

"Yeah, it's true.", Max replied softly.

Hope nodded a little then turned around, starting to make her way along the vent. Max followed, "Try to keep Sarah distracted, act like nothing's wrong."

Rob nodded and went out of the room and stood at his previous location.

Max crawled through the vent a for a few feet, then stopped next to Hope, who was looking through a metal grating, into another room.

"What's in there?"

Max leaned over a bit, pressing his shoulder against Hope's, and peered in, "Most of the experiments are... were kept there. It's sealed off, except for this vent."

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