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Hope stood up slowly and rasied her gun just as Sarah rasied hers.

"Hope, get down!"

"You were never supposed to get involved.", Sarah growled as she squeezed the trigger. Nothing happened, other than an empty shell falling from the gun.


"Aaah!", Sarah fell to the ground.

Hope walked up to her slowly, aiming the magnum at her head, "I know."

Sarah pressed her hands against her wound, "Why don't you just kill me now?"

"I need to know something. How can the changes in Max be stopped?"


Hope kicked her leg hard, "Tell me!"

"Aaah!", she grunted, "Hahaha. There is no way."

"Don't lie to me."

"I'm not lying to you. What Max's body is going through has been in him since birth. It is in him to change. Just as it is with me."


Sarah smiled darkly, then reached foward and grabbed Hope by the ankle, trying to pull her down. Hope kept her balance, but dropped the magnum. She reached down quickly to pick it up, Sarah kicked her wounded shoulder with all of her strengthm sending Hope falling backwards to the ground.

"Hope!", Max came running up.

"Don't come any closer. Or she'll have a bullet in her head.", she threatened as she picked up the magnum swiftly, "You think my father would only make one Beta? No... He made two. Max and I, the Alpha. We were not only created for the research, but to be better. To be the future.", she stood up slowly.

Rob silently walked up behind Max, aiming a hand gun. Max put his hand on Rob's arm, "Wait.", he mouthed.

"You filthy people, humans.", she looked down at Hope with hatred, "You'll never be as good as us. Over the years, I've been injecting myself with small amounts of ACA. It's slowly awakened the Alpha gene in me. It's made me better than you'll ever be or even imagine. That's why Max is mine. He was mine from the very start, father made it that way. He trusted me.", her yellow tinted eyes seemed to glow as she spoke.

"When is she going to shut up?", Rob whispered.

"Shhh. I want to hear this."

"Your "father" made you two in test tubes?"

"Not quite... Though, we are genetically engineered, we had a seragant mother."

Max felt sickened and angered, almost ready to make Rob pull the trigger.

"We are to be the start of a new breed, a new breed of humans.", she beamed.

"He wanted to mate you two?", she asked with disgust in her voice.

"Yes. For some reason he raised us as brother and sister. But he is mine, only I can serve my father's purpose with him. Not you. No matter what you feel for each other."

"How do you kn--"

"I've seen the way he acts around you."

"... What was the purpose of the other experiments then?"

"Oh, the sub-breeds..."

"The ones that broke out."

"Mmm-hmm, yes. I lowered all of the anesthesia levels for them. Then entered a code in the main computer that forced all the cage doors to open."


"I needed to get rid of the people in this city somehow. You're just a leftover.", she stepped closer, readying the magnum.

"Now.", Max whispered.


Sarah fell lifelessly to the ground, blood trickled from her head slowly. Hope winced and grapped the magnum out of her hand. She stood up quickly and backed away. Max put his hand on her shoulder, she gasped and spun around.

"Sorry, are you alright?"

"Yes.", she shuddered as she looked into his now almost completely white eyes.

"Good.", he stroked her cheek.

Light suddenly cut through the dimness of the tunnel.

"Max!", called a deep, breathless voice.

"Lloyd?", he called back, not moving from where he was.

"Who else, fool? Get your ass over here!"

Max smiled and looked over to Rob, "On my way!", he shouted.


Lloyd put his gun on the floor and reached his hand down through the opening.

"Any time now!", he shouted into the darkness of the hole.

Hope caught his eye as she started to climb the ladder, she flinched whenever she would lift her left arm. Rob followed up the ladder behind her.

"Daaamn.", Lloyd said as he grabbed her hand, "You look like s--"

"I know.", she said as she stood up, her sleeve was stained red.

Lloyd grabbed Rob's hand and pulled him up, he turned to Hope, "Name's Lloyd Williams.", he offered a hand to her.

She shook his hand and smiled, "Hope Stryker."

"We'll get that patched up.", he said as he nodded at her shoulder.

Rob kneeled down and grabbed the duffle bag from Max. Max pulled himself up and stood slowly, holding Hope's jacket and magnum.