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All three stared intently and silently at the opening of the tunnel. Their eyes caught hold of a shadow in the weapons room.

"Sarah...", Rob muttered softly.

"What?", Max looked at him.

"Nothing. We need to get out of here."

They turned around and started running for the end of the tunnel.

"Robbie!", the tapping of high-heels echoed through the tunnel, "You didn't think you could get rid of me that easy, did you?"

"Sarah? Rob, what did you...?", a worried look etched its way over Max's face.

"S-she should be dead! I pushed a table on top of her!"

"You what?"

"I had no choice."

Suddenly, the sound of gunshots rang through the tunnel, "You won't get away with it.", Sarah laughed loudly over the gun fire.

Rob stopped at the ladder and began to climb it, "There's something covering over the opening!"

"Get it off then!"

Rob nodded and slammed the stock of his gun against the wood covering the opening.

"Hurry! She's getting closer!", Max yelled, holding up against him.

"It won't budge!", Rob yelled back, slamming the door harder.

"Shoot it open!"

Without warning, the gunshots stopped.


"Damn it.", Sarah threw the hand gun to the floor. She walked out of the tunnel and back into the weapons room, "Ah. Very good.", she said as she picked up a larger gun and walked back into the entrance of the tunnel.


"She's back. Shoot it open!", Max whispered through gritted teeth, not noticing Hope pulling away from him. Rob gripped a bar of the ladder and leaned back, aiming the gun.



"What the hell?", Rob looked behind him with a confused expression on his face.

Hope lowered the magnum and stepped back, "I shot her in the leg."

Max stared, wide eyed, "How'd you do that?"

"I aimed then pulled the trigger."

"You realize how long this tunnel is?"

"Lucky shot, I guess."

Rob shook his head and turned back to the opening, steadying the gun.



"Shit!", Rob jumped off the ladder, "Something's up there!"

Again, the gunshots ceased, replaced by the sound of heavy scratching.

"Scchh... This is Lloyd... scchh... Have one... the... clinic... Over.", Rob's radio buzzed.

Rob stood up, "Lloyd's up there! Lloyd! Lloyd!"

Max grabbed the radio, "Lloyd! It's Max Clauden, do you read me? Over."

"Yes... Scchh... I read... are you? Over."

"We're under the animal clinic. There's a whole in the floor of the gas chamber, it's coved up. Over."

"Scchh... I just cov... it up... Have to... move the... Over."

The gunshots started again then stopped, "Max! I need you alive, come here! Please!", Sarah yelled desperately.


Hope raised her gun, "BAM!"

"Aaaah!", Sarah groaned, "Damn you! You should have done what I asked of you!", she started firing aimlessly into the tunnel again.

"Okay... I'm coming for you... scchh... Over."

"Got it. Over."

"Aaaah!", Hope dropped the magnum and grabbed her left shoulder.

"Hope!", Max caught her as she stumbled over.

"Aaaah, she got my shoulder.", she winced.

The gunshots stopped once more. Max slowly kneeled to the ground, letting Hope rest against him, she groaned in pain.

Rob kneeled next to them, "Take your shirt off.", he said.

"Huh?", Max glanced up at him.

Rob pressed his hand again Hope's wound, "We need something to to wrap around her arm, to try to stop the bleeding."

Max took his shirt off and handed it to Rob. Rob took Hope's jacket off quickly.

"Aaaah! Damn it, it hurts.", she hissed.

Max pressed his hand over the bullet hole, "It'll be okay."

Rob ripped a piece of fabric off of Max's shirt and tied it tightly around her arm.

Max picked up the radio, "Lloyd, where are you? We have someone wounded. I need you to get down here! Over!"

"Scchh... Have... right above you... need to... rid of it... Over."

"I'll be okay.", Hope sat up slowly and picked up the magnum with her right hand. The sound of footsteps echoed through the tunnel.

"Great.", Max whispered.

"How is she still walking? Hope got her in the leg, right?"

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