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"Away from here.", Rob said stoutly as he pulled a large black duffle bag out of a drawer. He walked into the weapons room and started putting guns and ammunition into the bag.


"Hmm?", he turned his head slowly and gazed at her.

"Why would a laboratory have weapons like this?"

He lowered his eyes to the floor, he spoke slowly, "I guess they expected the worse when they built this place."

"Do you think we'll get out of here?"

"You've asked me this before, and probably will again. If we're lucky and careful enough, we will. Well, at least you and Rob."

"What about you?"

"Nothing about me."


Max gently put his arm around her waist, "I'm not getting out of here. But I'm making sure you two do."

He kissed her cheek quickly while Rob's back was turned, "I've got nine hours.", he pulled away from her.

"There could be a cure."

"There isn't."

"Alrighty!", Rob said with a smile as he walked out of the room with a full duffle bag, "We're good to go."

Rob put the bag over his shoulder and picked up a magnum and handed it to Hope, "You ready?"

She nodded and turned around, watching as Max sorted through what was left of the weapons. He picked up a gray gun and held it up, "A DD44.", he said slowly.

"A what?"

"A DD44.", he said again as he aimed at the wall, "My favorite type of gun."

"I see.", she walked over and stood next to him, looking at the gun.

"It's loud.", he said, "But pretty powerful."

Hope raised the magnum and aimed it at the same spot as Max, "Interesting."

"You know, I know the names of every gun in this room.", he smiled.

She raised her eyebrows and smiled back, "Very impressive."

"Yeah, yeah. Stop showing off, Boss. We really got to move.", Rob said as he put a hand on Hope's shoulder, then the other on Max's, "We all can have flirting time later."

Max and Hope looked at each other and shook their head. Rob patted them on the back, "Let's get out of here."

He picked up an assault rifle in one hand, and gripped the strap of the duffle bag with the other.

Max walked up to him, "Turn your CB on."

"Why, there's no one out there."

"There might be. Remember Lloyd?"

"Oooh.", he switched his radio on and started to walk into the tunnel. Max and Hope followed.

"Who's Lloyd?", she asked.

"He used to have my position here. He always expected something like this to happen, so he made a type of safe room in his apartment complex."

"That's... That's great, but why didn't you say anything sooner?"

"We needed weapons and protection to get us out of here, right?"

"Yeah. Do you think he made it?"

"I know he did."

"So, this tunnel leads to the animal clinic?", Rob asked.

"Yes, right into a gas chamber."

"What? A what?"

"A gas chamber. Where they put animals to sleep.", she answered.

"Oh. Now that's a good sign."


"What was that?"

"What was wha--"

"My radio! I got something!", he stopped in the middle of the tunnel.

"Scchh... Does anyone read me? Over."

Rob brang the radio up to his mouth, "I read you! Over."

"This is... Lloyd... any... read me? Over."

"Shit! I can't reach him.", Rob groaned.

Hope looked back at the opening of the tunnel. Movement caught her eyes.


"Hang on. This is Rob, do you read me, Lloyd? Over."

"Guys, we have to move! Now!"

"What? Why?", Max turned her.

"There's something in there."

"Huh?", Rob faced the opening of the tunnel, "I don't see nothing..."

"I know I saw something."

"Maybe it was just your eyes playing tricks on you?"

"No.", she retorted.



"Sorry. But there's no way anything could be in there. All the doors were closed when we left."

"Look, I saw--"

"Shhh!", Max put his hand over Hope's mouth, "There's something walking around in that lab."

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