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Rob flipped frantically through the file cabinet's folders. Finally the letters "ACA" caught his eye. He held the key he used to open the cabinet between his teeth and pulled at the manilla folder. He layed it down on a nearby table and opened it.

"Yeah! ACA-BG!", his eyes lit up as he spoke. He went through the pages of the thick folder, he knew he had found what he was looking for. He let out a chuckle and closed the folder, and held it close to him. As he slid the cabinet key into his pocket he heard the sound of foot steps from the hall. High-heeled foot steps.

He cursed himself softly for yelling out so loudly earlier as he hid under a table. He froze when he saw the brown high-heels, that Sarah had been wearing.

"Robbie...", a smile creased her face, a bruise had formed on her forehead, "Robbie, I apologize for our little quarrel earlier."

Rob's eyes fell upon the same rifle that Sarah had held, now gripped tightly in her fingers.

"Rob. I know you're in here. I heard you.", she walked closer to the table, "Now, come out here. So we can work things out."

Rob lifted himself quickly against the table, knocking it up into the air and slamming down onto Sarah.

"Umph!", he grunted as he forced the table upward.

"Ahhh!", she cried out, startled. The rifle flew from her hand and hit a wall as she was pinned under the table.

Rob stood above her, breathing heavily and nervously. "You did all this. You, and that S.O.B. mayor!"

She gasped and panted from the table's weight, "So... You're just going to let me die. Under this? That's not a very ethical thing to do, Rob."

"What the hell do you know about ethics? You fucking wiped out a city! And doomed your brother! You deserve what you get.", he turned and walked toward the lab.

"He was doomed to begin with!", she shouted angrily.

Rob turned around slowly and picked up the rifle from the floor.

Tears started to carve paths down her cheeks, "Please, Rob. I don't want to die, not like this. It hurts, Rob."

"You tried to kill me. And you were about to do it again! You really expect me to help you now?"

"How could you be so heartless?"

"How could you?", he started to walk again.

"Rob!", she cried desperately, trying to push the table off herself, and failing, "Please!", she gasped, "You won't make it out, Rob! Your worthless corpse might. But not you!", she hissed, "I'll be sure of that!"

Rob closed the door behind him, and walked toward where the weapons were. Sarah's pleas were muffled, but could still be heard.

"Be crushed like the bug you are.", he muttered as he grabbed a large gun from it's resting place.


Hope stayed close to Max as they walked through the darkness of the tunnel. She breathed nervously and wearily. She felt a scorn for Max, then. The reason she was fighting to stay alive was because of this man. By saving his life earlier that day, she may have doomed her own. She was filled with a great fear then, what if she didn't make it out of there? Her eyes caught the welcoming shine of light.

Max trotted forward after seeing Rob's figure. Hope stopped at the opening of the tunnel, her eyes grazing over the large selection guns and ammunition.

Max put his hand on Rob's shoulder, "Good to see you made it, man."

"Heh, same to you.", his eyes went from Max to Hope, he smiled wearily. She returned the smile and crossed her arms as she walked forward.

Rob stepped back from Max and shook his head, "You look like hell."

"I bet."

Hope tilted her head a little as she walked around to see Max's face. A sudden shock raced through her, he had changed more. His skin was paler than before, his veins showed through the new pigment, and his eyes a shade lighter of the blue they once were. She frowned while she stared, transfixed in a mixture of fear and curiousity. She was snapped out of this trance by the sounds of painful groaning in the next room.

A worried look creased her face as she walked closer to the door. The groan's were a woman's. She touched her hand to the door knob, a hand grabbed her upper arm tightly.

"Ah!", she gasped and turned her head, Rob's dark eyes cut into hers.

"No.", he said gravely.

She closed her eyes slowly as she pulled her hand away. She opened them and noticed Max staring at her, his pale complextion sent chills down her spine.

Rob patted her arm lightly and turned back to Max, "Let's go, then."

"Go where?", Hope asked as she walked closer to them.

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