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Here is a little about each of the characters found in Outbreak. There's also some descriptions to help you visualize these characters in the story.

Hope Stryker

Outbreak's (title pending) main female character, whose experience in a biological outbreak in a nearby city is followed through the story. She's an ex-member of a biological field team called TEC (Tactics in Extreme Combant), whose main responsiblity is to quarintine violent subjects that have been used in genetic experimentation, protecting the public, and combating those who oppose TEC.

After six years of training from the age of 18, Hope left TEC for reasons unknown. Now 24, her training and skills may be the only things that will keep her alive.

- Navada native
- Handles magnums well

- Wears black jeans, a white t-shirt, and a black jacket that has a TEC patch sewn onto the left shoulder. Her hair is dark brown and shoulder length.

Maxwell Clauden

Dr. Daniel Clauden was a well known and respected genticist, his founding of Rosen Clauden city (along with Jacob Frost) and the RC Laboratories were amazing feats. His son, Maxwell, at age 26, is head of security in his father's labs.

- Rosen Clauden native
Get an idea of what he looks like. And another here.

Max's character is totally based (look wise) on Eric Mabius's character Matt in the movie Resident Evil (which the story is largely influeneced from). The pictures are scenes from the RE movie. He wears the same clothes as the movie character. Dark pants, white sleeveless undershirt, and a lightblue long sleeved work shirt over it.

Robert Carnevoli

Second in command of security, this is Max's best friend. He is a New York native and he's twenty-nine years old.

He can be a smartass, likes to joke around, and is strong (physically), however he can't take being near anything abnormal well. He's highly resourceful and loyal to those close to him.

I have no image/picture of him yet. He was partially inspired by a security guard at an old middle school I went to. His name just happened to be Rob. He's dark haired, has sun-tanned skin, a goatee, and dark eyes. He's tall and muscular, and dressed in a dark blue shirt and black pants (security guard-like uniform) throughout the story.

Sarah Clauden

She is the daughter of one of the most well known scientists in the world. In her father's laboratories, she is one of the leading scientists. She believes her only purpose is to fill the dream of her late father, no matter what. She's twenty-eight years old and is a Rosen Clauden native.

She's at first glance a quiet, kind, brainy-type of girl. However, there's more laying beneath. As time goes on, she becomes desperate to achieve her "purpose" in life. Thus, she turns out to be homicidal, cold-hearted, and as some may say, crazy.

No image/picture for her yet. She has mid-length, dark brown hair that she always has in a bun or pulled back. Dark eyes, small frame, wears brown high-heels, glasses, a white lab coat over a white blouse and brown skirt.

Lloyd Williams

He used to be the head of security, however, when he heard of what experimentations were being conducted in his work place, he quit. Max took his place, and Rob took second in command. He's thirty-two years old and is a New Jersey native.

He's quick tempered, skilled, resourceful, impulsive, and strong (mentally and physically).

Again, no image/picture yet. He's average height, muscular, dark skinned, brown eyes, and black hair in mid-length dreadlocks. He's in dark blue jeans, a black shirt, brown gloves, and a brown over coat in the story.

Chelsea Sanders

One of the survivors of the destruction of Rosen Clauden. She's a nurse, who used to work at the Rosen Clauden Hospital before the city's end. She's forty years old, her native state is unknown.

She's sweet-tempered, resourceful, and strong (mentally).

No image/picture yet (might not ever). She's just a background character. She's got fair skin, brown eyes, long dirty-blonde hair that's in a loose and messy bun.