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The History

Acquired Chemical Acceptance is a chemical found in wolves (high amounts in Timber Wolves) and certain reptiles (high amounts in Komodo Dragons). Extracting this chemical is simple and harmless to the animal, a mere blood sample is needed. Not many scientists know of the chemical, or care for it. Since it is fairly common, though hard to detect at times, and basically useless to them.

But why is it called "Acquired Chemical Acceptance"? Dr. Daniel Clauden of the Rosen Clauden research laboratories discovered this chemical many years ago. He, like many other scientists saw it nothing more than a useless substance. But, upon adding ACA enriched blood to a sample of human blood (AB positive), the results were startling.

ACA did not destroy the blood cells as expected, it took it into itself and made it into a new form of ACA. Thus, it mutated the blood and its DNA to expand itself through a form of mitosis. The human blood forced ACA cells to reproduce asexually. Clauden tested many blood types. And found that only AB positive could handle the effects of ACA and force it to perform mitosis, multiply, and mutate. Any other type would reject it, killing the blood cells, and rendering the sample useless. The ability to accept ACA was acquired by blood type.

The effects from both types had many similarities and differences. The human DNA in the blood would be altered differently depending on which species ACA was taken from. However, Clauden soon stopped his work in this field.

Following Orders

A few years later, Clauden was hired by an unknown organization, calling themselves "SCOR", to create more advanced and effective biological and viral weapons. Clauden failed to so. Every viral agent he created would never success in killing the organism that was infected, only mutated it.

SCOR was indeed displeased, but intrigued. They made another plea: Create a stronger, faster, and effective soldier.

Without asking for a reason, Clauden accepted. The money they were offering was phenomenal, money that would not only cover the cost of SCOR's research, but fund some of his own personal ideas. Along with the money given by his out of state supervisors, he'd have more than enough to do as he planned. Clauden gave up his research on viral agents and began work on something more sinister. After all, Clauden's field of work was not only viral, but genetics.

Desperate to find a fast answer, he took a sample of his own blood (AB positive) and mixed it with ACA that was leftover from years before. Just as the process had gone before, the ACA went through mitosis and mutated all human DNA. Needless to say, Clauden thought he had the answer. However, he could not be sure until he actually tested this chemical on a living organism.

Over time, Clauden became more daring in his research. He decided to have test subjects sent in, humans. From the local jail, he had thirty men and one woman taken to his labs. He injected all thirty-one individuals with the chemical ACA. Twenty-four died, six lived. The six that did survive, were AB positive. Their bodies began to show the effects of their mutated DNA almost immediately.

ACA Effects From Wolves

All surviving test subjects grew in muscle and bone mass and had lengthening and sharpening of finger nails. Two were injected with ACA that was taken from a wolf. Both had massive amounts of hair growth, until it eventually covered the body. The entire eye eventually became discolored, all but the pupil turned pale yellow or pale blue.

Senses of hearing, taste, and sight increased. Due to the massive bone and muscle development, they became stronger. However, this caused the subject to become bulky, slower than what was aimed for.

ACA Effects From Reptiles

Of the surviving test subjects, four were injected with ACA taken from reptiles. The eyes became discolored, all except the pupil was pale green. All hair eventually was lost from the body, the skin became discolored, to a pale green.

Senses of sight decreased, their eyes were extremely sensitive to light. Too much of it could blind them. Taste and hearing increased. Though the bone and muscle mass increased, it was not up to the capacity of their counterparts. Thus, heightened sped was allowed, but less strength.

Clauden was eccentric over his work, he was finally successful. However, there were problems with these new creatures. Clauden dubbed them "sub-breeds". After the mutations ended, most human intelligence was elliminated. The instincts of the animal ACA was taken from could not be removed, and took over the mind of the test subject. These instincts drove the canine sub-breeds to want to hunt, or at least have some need to feed on prey. Reptilian sub-breeds also showed this desire. The ACA showed only in Komodo Dragons (of the reptiles tested), which is a carnivorous lizard.

Both ACA from wolves and said reptiles would also result in the bone around the brain, the skull, becoming thicker, stronger, and much more durable. Around the skull is extremely thick muscle tissue and skin. Unless a bullet were fired from a highly powerful gun, blunt trauma to the head wouldn't cause serious injury.

However, the bone and skin is only so thick in that area. The skin over the chest and stomach can be penetrated. The sternum and rib cage are also weaker compared to the skull, it's about as thick as an average human's. This leaves them vulnerable to injury, as the heart and lungs can be reached by bullet or blade. When this was told to SCOR, they saw it not as a problem. They could design bullet proof vests that would be able to fit onto these possible future soldiers. The only thing they lacked was intelligence and strategy.

Immunity, Deception, and "Playing God"

While Clauden had created a "soldier", they lacked rhyme and reason. They were merely a new sub-breed of animal. The sub-breeds also showed high amounts of pure ACA in their blood, saliva, and any other body secretion or liquid. He figured, if one were to be bitten, scratched, or injest any fluid from an ACA positive being, they'd become infected. One infected would suffer one of two fates, mutation (if they had AB positve blood) or death (non-AB positive blood would not be able to handle ACA).

After the realization that ACA could become a virus to anyone who came in direct contact with it, he finally had an urge to protect the people of his city. After many test, Clauden found that the human body could sustain a dead or weakened form of ACA, no matter the blood type and without mutation. He found a vaccine. He ordered that low levels of this vaccine be put into all Rosen Clauden brand name foods and medication. So that over time, most of the citizens would be immune if there ever was an outbreak.

Clauden was distraught when his wife, Rose Clauden, died. By that time, Clauden was a millionaire and a famous scientist. He had built a city in his wife's name shortly after her death, he called it "Rosen Clauden". Beneath this city, were miles of laboratories.

Since Clauden and his wife never had children, he created another thing in memory of his wife. He had extracted a blood sample from her a year before her death. From this, he took the DNA of his wife and his own and combined it in an egg he acquired from another lab. In another egg, he combined his close friend and lead researcher and his wife's DNA. This researcher was Jacob Frost, later to become the mayor of Rosen Clauden.

He created two beings, a male and female. But not only did he combine his and his late wife's DNA, but also a gene he discovered in one of the reptilian ACA test subjects. He called this gene, the Beta Gene, which he put in the male's embryo. In a canine test subject, he found a similar gene. This he called, the Alpha Gene, which he put in the female's embryo (Frost's child).

Clauden raised the children as his own, and as brother and sister. They were born without complication (carried by Frost's wife, Carissa Frost), and two years apart. The female being the older. Clauden lied to Frost, telling him that the female died shortly after birth. Frost never became aware of his daughter being a carrier of the Alpha gene and eventually came to terms with her "death". Clauden later married again, and claimed to Frost that the female was the product of his marriage with his wife.

In these two children was a powerful, DNA altering gene, however, it was dormant.


The only way the Alpha or Beta genes could be "awoken" was if they came in contact with high amounts of ACA.

Ten hours after being exposed to a certain, high amount of ACA, the Beta or Alpha would reach full mutation. Thusly, they became the perfect soldier. They would have increased speed, strength, sight, and keep their full intelligence. Once they reached their full potential, they'd be incredibly powerful. They'd be a new breed of humans entirely.

After many tests, Clauden concluded that the mutations would be less drastic in BG or AG carriers than in those without it. He hoped that the appearance would not be so as it was with the original six.

Clauden planned to mate these two later in life, which questions the fact that he raised them as siblings.


Twenty-eight years after the birth of the female (Sarah), and twenty-six after the male (Maxwell), more sub-breeds were created. Jacob Frost eventually quit his job as a scientist and got involved in political affairs. The mayoral race was indeed rigged, due to Frost's friendship with Clauden. He and his (uknown to him) daughter were the only people who knew about the Beta.

The head of security was Lloyd Williams, when he heard of what was going on in his work place, he left. In his place, was Clauden's son, Maxwell. He knew nothing of his father's plans and nothing of him being a Beta Gene carrier. However, he did know of the type of research that was conducted.

Six months later, Clauden met his untimely end. In his labs were fifty test subjects, all suddenly and without explanation broke out of their confindments. He was the first to be struck down. He gave one last assignment to Frost, a week before his death. "If I die before you, keep the Beta alive and in control."

However, Rosen Clauden went down in a fury of flames and blood.