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West Service unit Leader Meeting

September 9, 2004


The first leader meeting opened with introductions and welcoming 4 new leader members (Nancy Walter, Julie Rice, Louise Logan, and Kay Steward – hooray! Hooray! Hooray!). The year’s scheduled service unit events were discussed:


November 5 – Mom & Me Tea


January 16 – Ice Fishing


February 25 – Thinking Day


April 22 – Studio 2B event


May 14 – SOL/Bridging



School Organizers – Flyer your schools ASAP. Open house is this week for most schools.



Try to have your troop members registered by the end of October.


Get ready for QSP!


Help your school organizers if you can…help cover the Girl Scouts table during open house so that your school organizer can visit her child’s teacher too. School organizers are listed below.


I have the password/access to our website from Gayle. If you are interested in being Webmaster, please let me know.


Our Web Site:


Next Leader Meeting – October 14.


Please confirm or deny your status for the following:


GSSC Field Executive – Suzy Hambach


SU Manager – Barb Ashton


Treasurer – Tracie Pierce


Registrar – Melissa Cummins


Secretary – Margaret Sharpe


Event – Angela Truitt/Margaret Sharpe


QSP – Pamela Hardy


Family Partnership – Jennifer Hately


School Organizers:


Aquarian/Village Charter – Stephanie Taylor


Northwood – Kay Steward


Lake Hood – Margaret Sharpe


Willowcrest – Jennifer Hately


Inlet View – Lana Bell


Turnagain – Nancy Walter


Chugach Optional – Mia Klinkner


West/Romig – Suzy


Stellar – Suzy


Northstar – Suzy


Denali - ??


See you Oct. 14!