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Welcome Back

Welcome Back

Meeting Minutes


August 15, 2002, 7pm



I would like to extend a great big thank you to the following ladies who
attended our first meeting. Thanks to Laurie Rodgers, Angela Truitt, Gayle
Brown, Lisa Woodley, Shirley Kelly and Anna Bryant. Though we were few in
numbers, we accomplished a great deal of work for the Service Unit for the
year. We have some exciting things planned! Join us at our next Leader
meeting and see what the fuss is all about!! Read on and learn about some of
the things that we have planned...

                                              f  Barb  e


v     This year we are aiming for the President’s Award, which is given according to the following criteria:

q       Plan of work to include:

q       Events done as a Service Unit, 3 per year

q       Critical positions filled in the Service Unit

q       Increase in Girl Scout membership and **attendance at leader meetings and trainings**

q       A public relations event (non-council sponsored)

q       A talk about Girl Scouts to a  civic group

q       Promote Girl Scouts by participating in a community event

q       Annual reports must be turned in by the end of May from every Troop Leader

Every little bit of effort on everybody’s part will put us even closer to achieving the President’s Award for West Service Unit. Let’s make this a remarkable year!


v     Attn: Service Team Members (anyone holding a key position): Service Unit Kick Off, Saturday, August 24, 2002 9am-2pm. Free Lunch! Free Child Care! Door Prizes! Email for location. Be there or be square!


v     This year Leader Meetings will still be held on the second Thursday of the month at 7pm. The next meeting will therefore be September 12 at 7pm. The location will be changing, TBA…


v     The Mountain Mamma Teen Rally will take place September 20-22 in Mirror Lake. Activities are planned for the duration of the program, but 2 night stay is not mandatory. Check your calendars and call Barb Ashton for more info.


v     The budget has been outlined for the year. We currently have ~$450.00 in our account. This does not include cookie money, which should add about another $700.00 to our funds.


v     A calling tree has been organized to keep in contact with Leaders about things such as upcoming meetings, etc. If a Leader is unable to attend the meeting, the Co-leader or a parent volunteer should attend.


v     A Leader Retreat is in the works, tentatively for the first weekend of October. Many beneficial and fun activities are on the slate. Mark your calendars, ladies!


v     Current list of West Service Unit Team Members for this year:

q       Suzy Hambach……Field Executive

q       Barb Ashton………Service Unit Manager

q       Angela Truitt……...Events Chair, School Organizer for Romig, West and Willowcrest

q       Gayle Brown……...Secretary, Webmaster, School Organizer for Northwood

q       Laurie Rodgers…... School Organizer for Lake Hood

q       Anna Bryant....…....School Organizer for Inlet View and Central

q       Shirley Kelly..….....Registrar, QSP Chair

q       Lisa Woodley..........Family Partnership Chair

q       Dianna Hawn..........Treasurer

q       Tracie Pierce.…......Cookie Chair

q       Annie Afusia.…......School organizer for Aquarian


Thank you all for your hard work. See you at our next meeting, September 12, 7pm!

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