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West Service Unit

West Service Unit

Leader Meeting Minutes

Thursday, April 10, 2003


*  NOTE: Cookie money is due to Tracie Pierce by Sunday, April 13, 2003, otherwise you are delinquent!!

*  Budget-wise, we are a bit over budget in programs, but overall we have a positive balance in the account.

*  Leader appreciation day is April 22.

*  Registration forms for next year are available. Please notice that the old dues amount of $7 is still written on them, but it is incorrect. The new dues are $10.

*  If your troop would be interested in joining Ducks Unlimited, they will receive some neat items such as stickers, an activity magazine, etc. ($15) value. If interested, contact Suzy Hambach at council for details.

*  Friday, May 30, there will be a flag ceremony at APU. They would like to know if any troops are interested. It will be at 9 am (school day). But if you have scouts that could work it out to participate for community service, contact Judy Koskela at council,

*  Upcoming events:

*  Roller skating at Dimond Skateland on the 24th from 6:15-9pm. It’s bring-a-friend, and all participants must bring their permission slips and $4 (includes skates).

*  Wednesday, April 16 will be a FREE movie at Dimond Center! Bend It Like Beckham (pg-13), a movie about a girl who takes up soccer despite cultural differences, will be shown at 7:30 to approximately 9pm. It is an international film which has had great success in Australia and Britain. Call council to reserve seats.

*  Saturday, May 17, is SOL from 11am-3pm at Winding Trails. The theme will be “SOLe Survivor”. Sign up by May 8 (our next meeting). The cost will be approximately $4 per person, and please bring a lunch with you.

*  Scouting for Food is on April 19. If your troop would like to participate, please contact council to receive the map that you must follow.

*  May 2 we are planning to have the Leader Retreat at Elmer’s House at Camp Carlquist. There’s a lot of fun stuff planned, including great food prepared by “chef Angela” (if she remembers to plug in the crock pot J ). Contact Angela if you are interested in going.

*  Last call! April 26 there will be First Aid training. Contact Barb, 279-4631, if you need to renew your certification.

*  If anyone has received or knows of a business who will donate items for our Foil Auction at our next meeting, please contact Angela, 243-0497.

*  Our next and final meeting will be on Thursday, May 8, 2003. Team members will meet at 6:30, leaders at 7 pm. Hope to see you all there!