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Leader Meeting Minutes

Thursday, February 13, 2003


z     As of today, 2/13/03, 1503 cases of cookies have been sold! Yea!!

z     Cookie pre-sales have been extended until February 26, 2003, at which time the order forms must be turned in to Tracie. This second round of orders must be logged on a new form, which you must label ďsecond roundĒ. These boxes will be added onto the girlís first order form total. SELL SELL SELL!!!

z     You can sign up for a booth sale at council. You may choose a location from councilís list, or choose your own with advance permission from the property owners.

z     March 14 is the day the cookies arrive, and volunteers are needed for helping with the sorting and loading. Volunteers are needed at Alaska [KE146] Sand and Gravel from 8 am until finished. Please contact Tracie Pierce to sign up for a time slot for volunteering. Pick ups begin at 10 am. Children are NOT ALLOWED in the building.

z     Up-coming events include:

o       Thinking Day, Friday 2/21, cost--$2 to receive a patch, $1 to attend without receiving a patch. 7-9pm is the event, with set up beginning around 6:20. The national anthems from each country will be played, please bring a flag of your country for the parade of nations. Girls will give presentations to the viewers about their country which should not go over 5 minutes. Part of the proceeds will also go to the Juliette Low World Friendship Fund.

o       The Car Event for Cadettes and Seniors will be March 15

o       The Carpentry Event for Daisies, Brownies, and Juniors will be April 5

o       SOL will be May 17

z     Suzy gave us a sneak peek at the Encampment shirts. Very stylish t-shirt, even a hooded sweatshirt with the logo! Inquiries should be directed to council.

z     If you are a team member and wonít be attending the meeting, please contact another team member to pass on the information you would have shared at the meeting.

z     If you need to bring a small child to the meeting, please contact Barb one week before the meeting and she will arrange a baby sitter for the meeting. Please also give notice if you cannot make it or will not be bringing the child after all.

z     Please contact Barb if you would like more information on the following:

o       Info is available for Cadettes who are interested in the CIT program

o       Studio 2B is a contemporary program available to 11-17 year olds. It can stand on itís own or be used in conjunction with existing troop plans

o       Alaska Workers Association needs volunteers for a service project

o       There is a new training calendar available for the months of February thru May

o       New songbooks are available for $5 each. The proceeds will go to the group of girls heading for Japan this summer.

o       The Aces Food Drive, thru March 3, is a challenge to troops to collect 500+ cans of food

z     Our foil point auction will include such items-up-for-bid as tickets to events, a flight seeing tour, clothes, toys, and gift certificates. Bidders will not be permitted to combine foils with other bidders in order to win (itís hard to share an item of clothing!) In order to shut out other bidders, build up your foil fund by attending meetings. Foil point categories are listed in the September minutes.

z     If you have an innovative craft to share, please bring it to the meeting. Thanks to Darcel for her clever craft she presented tonight, and thank you to Barb for volunteering next timeís craft idea. Any others are welcome!

z     Craft presenters are needed for Encampment, Friday and Saturday June 14 and 15. The volunteers will give two 90-minute presentations to approximately 25 girls.


z     Our next meeting will be at 7 pm (6:30pm for team members) on March 13, 2003.


For locations, times or other questions, please contact Gayle Brown