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Leader Meeting Minutes

Leader Meeting Minutes

Thursday, January 9, 2003


Barb’s Blurb…

        Thanks to all who attended the meeting tonight: Janni, Tracie, Mia, Laurie, Gayle, Angela, Shirley, Darcel, Dianna, Margaret, and Suzy. Our Foil Auction was a lot of fun, with excited high bidders, and we still have another one to look forward to in May. We had a great turnout for caroling; thanks to Barb for hosting it!! Please mark all the important dates that are listed below on your calendar. There are lots of fun events coming up in the next few months. Hope to see everyone there!


z  Our budget is still doing well, in the positive in all categories.

z  As of today, four troops from West Service Unit have been recorded as having made QSP sales with a total of over $1400. Janni’s troop was awarded a new book for having the highest sales.

z  Please notify Gayle if the emailed or snail-mailed minutes are not reaching you intact or correctly. They are also available on the website. Please check out the website and its message board whenever it is possible.

z  Bids at the Foil Auction totaled up to approximately 200 Foils! Way to go ladies! FYI, foils from the last half of the year are now void. The new valid foils are new colors.

z  Tracie still has lots and lots of Service Unit Patches, each $1.75. Please contact her for them.

z  Ice Fishing will be on Sunday, January 19 at 1 pm. Please contact Angela Truitt by the 17th to notify her of how many will be attending from your troop. If you notify by Wednesday, tickets will cost $3. Tickets at the event are $4 a person or $10 a family.

z  Thinking Day is February 21. Troops need to contact Angela Truitt to sign up for which country they would like to present. Sign up as soon as possible so you can have a good choice of country and so we can get an accurate count of tables to reserve.

z  On March 15, there will be a car maintenance day for Cadettes and Seniors. Contact for location and time. It is an event for girls to attend with a male adult role model, or a female adult role model if need be.

z  April 5 will be a Carpentry event for Daisies, Brownies and Juniors, location and time TBA. This is also an event for girls to attend with a male adult role model, or a female adult role model if need be.

z  School organizers are still needed for Northwood and Aquarian. Contact Barb if you are willing and able.

z  Barb is still taking orders for name tags. The cost is between $2 and $4, depending on the design and number of lines. They are for adults only, not for scouts.

z  Contact Barb if you need trainings. February 6 will be Silver Award Training. Also in the future will be Brownie/Junior/Cadette trainings, as well as First Aid.

z  If you’d like to propose any ideas for Encampment, contact Barb.

z  Please get in touch with Barb if you are interested in having a Leader Retreat at the end of this year to plan for the 2003-2004 season. Some ideas we have for activities is scrapbooking, “spa nite” and manicures.

z  Junior Jumble, for 6th graders. It will be a chance to stay up all night and get pumped up about becoming a Cadette. More info to come.

z  Our next meeting will be at 7pm on February 13, Team meeting at 6:30.

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