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The October 14, 2004, Leader Meeting started at 7:05 p.m. with introductions of all in attendance.


The ground welcomed new leader, Tiffany Clowes, from Northwood School.  She was also the “Princess for an Hour,” and we learned quit a bit about her.  She will be choosing the princess for the next meeting.




Mom & Me Tea is coming up quick – November 5 (an in-service day), 7:00 to 9:00 (6:30 for table setup) at the IBEW.  Invitations with more specifics will be mailed out soon.  The price will be $4 per scout to cover the cost of the patch, as well as a $0.50 donation to the Juliet Lowe Foundation (as the event is in celebration of Juliet Lowe’s Birthday, October 31).  Adults $2, adult plus scout $5.  This is no longer a “bring a friend” event, as voted on by attendees at the meeting. 


Troop Start-Up Fee (for new troops) has been set at $25.


Cookie Training will take place in December.


Stephanie Taylor has volunteered to be webmaster of our website.  Hurray for Stephanie.  Visit our site for meeting minutes, message board, and downloadable forms (permission, driving, etc.) at  Note that when leaving messages on the message board, first names only for girls… it is GSSC and GSUSA policy.


QSP has been kicked off (started).  Don’t let this easy money maker pass you by.  If you need QSP packets, please contact Barb Ashton at 279-4631.  Participants must be registered and have permission slips signed.


If you are doing any fundraising activities, please remember you must fill out the Fundraising form to do so.  Contact Barb or Suzy Hambach (at the council) for more info.


If you and your troop are considering attending Encampment 2005, there is an excellent training course – A Day in the Life of Encampment – taking place on October 23.  See your Trefoil – or contact me or Barb – for more info.


The next leader meeting will be November 9 at the Lutheran Church of Hope, 1847 W Northern Lights Blvd.


The December leader meeting will be on December 9 at the Fly by Night Club.  Mark your calendars now!