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On Xplosion Jaime Conwell did what he said he was going to do and that was defeat Chris Legend. Not only did he defeat Chris Legend he also stole Chris Legend's new girlfriend. The second one for Jaime Conwell this month. Earlier in the event Jaime Conwell got a little bit of revenge on Randy Orton per say. Now...Jaime Conwell is due to face David Arnold on Inferno...what will happen? Will he even make it?


Opponent: Vs.
Stipulation: None.

Won: October 28, 2007.
Beat For It: Buff Bagwell and J Dawg.
Defenses: None.

the Controversial One
Jaime Conwell

Location: ---------
Purpose: I Lost My Smile.

The Calm Before The Storm....


The scene opens up as a limo comes pulling up into the parking lot of a NWA-TNA house show. The limo comes to a stop as the driver gets out and goes to open the door. But, before he gets to the door the door comes flying open as Jaime Conwell steps out. He is wearing a pair of black warm ups with white stripes and a white shirt with his sleeves cut off. He is also wearing a pair of black sun glasses. He has his Intercontenintal Championship in his left hand as he heads into the building. Meanwhile... the fans are packing into the arena to see some TNA wrestling. The lights dim as "I Stand Alone" hits as the crowd jumps to their feets in cheers. Jaime Conwell comes walking out from the back holdig onto his Intercontenintal Championship. He walks right down the ramp with a serious look on his face as he throws the title over the top rope and into the ring. Jaime Conwell walks up the black stairs and enters the ring through the secod rope. He walks over and grabs a mic leaving the title laying in the middle of the ring. He begins to speak.

'the Controversial One' Jaime Conwell: As you all know last night! I defeated the a guy who thinks he is the best thing going in NWA! But, fact speaks for themselves! I BEAT HIM WITH EASE! I didn't break a sweat and I didn't think twice! But..I am not here to talk about that or talk about my match with David Arnold. The way I see it..there is no match!...*Crowd Boos*..You see since I came to NWA I have been beating people I have yet to lose. But as of late when it comes down to the way things are ran around NWA-TNA! I have lost my smile! You see what is the point in coming to work every day when nobody's in this company are getting title shot they don't deserve? There is no point in me coming to work anymore when this company is being ran and people including its own superstars are laughing at their own company! It has turned into a joke with bookers who can't book! So I am leaving this Intercontenintal Championship laying in the center of this damn ring! Because I am done here! Until this company starts being ran correctly! By people who know what they are doing! Until then Jaime Conwell will not be seen in this damn ring again! It's been fun while it lasted! Orton, it's a damn shame we never got to mix it up inside of this ring inside of that cell! But..hell you can have this title if you want it! I am gone!

The crowd starts booing as Jaime Conwell throws the mic out into the crowd. He exits the ring and heads back stage as he leaves into the parking lot and leaves in the limo.


|#| Information And Stats |#|

Contact Information:
AIM: Rchwa2

Roleplay Information:

No#: 07
Title: None
Allignment: Neutral

NWATNA Career:
W: 03 L:000 D:001

People Beaten: Everyone

People Beat Me: Nobody

NWATNA Titles Won: NWA-TNA Intercontinental Champion [Current]

Other Awards: None

NWATNA Most Rememarable:

- Winning the Intercontinental Title-Oct. 28,07.

- ???

- ???

- ???

- ???

- ???

- ????

- ????

Defeated opponents__
-J-Deuce Atkins
-Buff Bagwell
-Chris Legend