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Monday Night Nitro, Jaime Conwell defeated Frosty in the main event. Which means Jaime Conwell advances in the tournament for the World Heavweight Championship. Next in line is Chris Jericho. Perhaps the two biggest power houses in the HCW face off on Nitro. A match this caliber deserves to be a main event. It's a Pay Per View type match. The two biggest stars and hardest working guys in HCW history face off. Who will win? The entire world has been buzzing all week long online talking about this up coming block buster of a match. Can Jaime Conwell pull it together after being attacked at the end of Nitro? Is Jaime Conwell even close to being 100%? Time will tell as these two guys prepare to face off in just a few short days.


Opponent: Vs. Chris Jericho
Show: Monday Night Nitro
Stipulation: None

Beat For It:
Defenses: None.

the Controversial One
Jaime Conwell

Location: ---------
Purpose: B.M.F-Bad Mother Fawker!

The Calm Before The Storm....


Scene cuts back last Monday Night. You can see the lights go out. Then come back on with both Frosty and Jaime Conwell vanishing from the ring. And, trails of blood leading under neath it. The scene comes back to today. You can see Jaime Conwell walking around inside of his locker room. He has a bandage on his forehead. He looks to be pretty heated over what took place. He is wearing a pair of blue jeans and a black shirt that says, "Veni! Vedi! Vici!" on the front. He has on a pair of black boots as he just paces around. He turns around and heads out of his locker room door and heads down the long corridoor. He keeps his head held high like he usually does. The staff in the hallway move out of his way as he stalks down the hall. he stops at a table and places his hands down on it as he lowers his head thinking to himself for a second.

"I can't believe I let somebody attack me when the lights went out. On top of that, I am pissed off. I can't even put a finger on who the hell it was. When I find out who did it, there will be hell to pay. And, until somebody confesses I guess everyone backstage is guilty until proven otherwise!"

'the Controversial One' Jaime Conwell:


|#| Information And Stats |#|

Contact Information:
AIM: Rchwa2

Roleplay Information:

No#: 02
Title: None
Allignment: Face

HCW Career:
W: 001 L:000 D:000

People Beaten: Everyone

People Beat Me: Nobody

HCW Titles Won: First Ever World Heavyweight Champion [Soon]

Other Awards: None

HCW Most Rememarable:

- First World Heavyweight Champion [Soon]

- ???

- ???

- ???

- ???

- ???

- ????

- ????

Defeated opponents__