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Jaime Conwell.
235 lbs.
Clearfield, Utah
April 17, 1980
Marital Status:
Dating Amber Smith.
Trained By:
Shawn Micheals
November 2,1999
Quick, Powerful, Sneeky, Quick Witted, Great Grappler, & Has The Best Endurance In The Business.
Left Knee.
.:.Transmission Start.:.

Enter The Mind Of The Answer!

It's been awhile since Jaime Conwell has stepped foot inside of a DMX ring. After over a year, Jaime Conwell has finally decided to come back to the Death Match Xtreme. What will come of his comeback? Has he improved? Or will he still be the same Jaime Conwell of old? Last time he was in the DMX, he was in the Twizted Killaz with Murda and Protocol. Jaime is going into DeathMania 111 and will take part in the 4 Way match for the DMX Tag Team titles. His partner, a guy names Harley Davis. Can this team walk out with the titles? If you know your history, you know that Jaime Conwell does not hold a victory over Protocol. Jaime is back, and so is Protocol! Two former stable mates, two guys who faught tooth and nail. Have both came back around the same time! He will be stepping into the ring with the Impact Players, D-Dawg and Protocol. Will Jaime walk away with a victory over Protocol? Will he finally be able to say he beat a Hall Of Famer? Stay tuned and find out!

The scene opens up as you can see an airport. The camera then cuts and goes into the back area as you see a white private jet come flying down as the plane comes to a stop and opens the door. Then you see a female walk out of the plane first as she stands there wearing skin tight blue jeans, and a white tight t-shirt, her hair is blonde, and she is wearing sun glasses. She waits at the bottom as finally you can see a figure as finally he comes into sight. He stands at the top of the steps he has a GYM Bag that says "the Truth" on the side of it. He has it hanging from his right shoulder. He is wearing a pair of warm up pants that are black with white stripes going down each leg. He is wearing a white shirt that says "The Answer' going across the front and on the bacak says "The Nightmare Is Back!" he has blonde hair, and he is wearing a pair of white AND 1's with an orange strap on the back part. He looks down at the woman as they grin at each other. He then walks down the steps as he reaches her as they smile at each other. They then head towards a limo that is awaiting him near by. They get to the limo, as the driver is already standing in the back with the trunk open as Jaime hands him his bag. They then enter the limo as the limo pulls away from the Air Port. The camera goes into the limo.....

Jaime Conwell: It feels great to be back in the DMX babe.

Amber Smith: I can't wait to see you in action. Its been along time since you have even seen half the guys.

Jaime Conwell: Yea I know. It's funny, because before I left I could hardly win any matches. I have been gone for over a year and its crazy that I came back just one week after Protocol came back. He and I, we have a history together. Not a big one, but we do have a history. I have yet to hold a victory over him. He kept beating me, he would do it with ease. But now that I am back, I am not a push over and I am not going to lay down for anybody.

Amber Smith: I can't believe since being back you are already being put into a match for a title. In your return match! Thats crazy! I know you are going to take the titles baby.

Jaime Conwell: Well trust me, as long as my partner shows up and does his end. Then we will walk out as the new DMX World Tag Team Champions. I just want to get into that ring and prove to the entire world that I am a new and improved Jaime Conwell.

Amber Smith: What about getting a victory over Protocol? Don't you want that also?

Jaime Conwell: Right now, I am focussing on them Tag Titles. As far as finally getting a victory over Protocol that will come. But for right now, I want them titles. Besides you can beat anybody in a tag team match, that is why when I get my chance to step foot inside of that ring with Protocol one on one. Then, I will show the world who the better man really is.

Amber Smith: That would be a great match, and I can't wait to see you guys. But I am curious, have you even met your Tag Team partner?

Jaime Conwell: I have talked to him over the phone once. He seems like a cool guy. But I dont know him, so I am not saying I trust him. Like I said, if he shows up and does what he is suppose to do. Then I will do what I am suppose to do and together he and I will be the next Tag Team Champions and right now I have that fire. That will not be blown out, because this flame is ten times hotter now, then it has ever been.

The scene fades out. The scene then comes back as you can see Jaime Conwell leaving his locker room as he walks down the hall he finally runs into Mike Jordan. As he stops and looks at Mike as the grin at each.

Jaime Conwell: Can I help you with something?

Mike Jordan: You're Jaime Conwell, right?

Jaime Conwell: Yea! Why?

Mike Jordan: *Sticking out his hand* Hi, I am Mike Jordan. Its a pleasure to finally meet you Jaime.

Jaime Conwell: *Jaime shakes his hand* Alright.

Mike Jordan: Well since you are here. Is it alright if I ask a couple questions?

Jaime Conwell: I guess. But make it quick, I have a lot of work to do.

Mike Jordan: Alright. So how does it feel to finally be in a DMX Locker room again?

Jaime Conwell: Well, its weird. Its been over a year since I have even been to a DMX event! Now, I am back and its crazy because being back here brings back so many memories.

Mike Jordan: Have you been around? Or seen any of the guys yet?

Jaime Conwell: No, I haven't. I been walking around, actually I just got here about thirty five minutes ago. So I have not really had the chance to walk around and meet and greet people.

Mike Jordan: So in a couple of days, you are stepping back into the DMX Ring. What are your thoughts about that? And what are your thoughts about the Tag Team Titles?

Jaime Conwell: Well with out a doubt. I am going to go out there in a blaze. I am going to show the entire world that Jaime Conwell, isn't a push over. These fans have backed me up so many times! Its unbelievable! Thats why I hold, one of the best records in eWrestling history right now! I am at the top of my game! I am unstoppable out there. And to be put in a match for the DMX Tag Team Titles. It makes it that much better! Because it has been awhile since I have held any type of gold. And at DeathMania 3 I will be walking away with the Tag titles around my waist. Last time I was here, I held the DMX Television title. Now, don't get me wrong I don't mind working with somebody. But when you are holding onto a singles title. It means more to you! Because the only person you can count on, is yourself. If you screw up and lose a title, you know it was your bad. But in a tag team match, your partner can blow it. But I am greatfull for having this shot at the Tag Team titles. Its been over four years, since I have held a Tag Team title.

Mike Jordan: So what are your thoughts about Harley Davis?

Jaime Conwell: As long as Harley Davis, comes out to the ring. And as long as he and I put the hurting on the other two teams. Then everything will be fine. As long as he shows up, he doesn't have to wrestle. Just watch my back and let me take care of the light work. I am more focussed now then I have ever been. I want them titles, and I am going to get them. With the help of Harley, I know for a fact he and I, are going to walk away as the new Tag Team Champions. So if you will excuse me I have to run.

Jaime Conwell walks away as the camera fades.

.:.Transmission End.:.

|~0~| Disclaimer |~0~|
This Layout was made by Andrew, but modified by Zack. The words used in this roleplay are words by my character what is said is in fun not to be taken personal. If there is nudity, or foul language then its for entertainment. If you would like to contact me my info is at the bottom of this layout. I am open to feedback at anytime, good or bad. The opinions in this roleplay are those of Jaime Conwell and are not be taken as mine. Thank you for reading my roleplay, and I hope you have enjoyed this chapter. Thanks, Zack, a.k.a Jaime Conwell.
the Final Answer (Emerald Fusion)
the Truth Hurts (Super Kick To The Throat)
the Punishment (Angle Slam)
Fav. Moves:
Belly To Back Suplex
Over Head Suplex
Repeated German Suplexs
Float Over DDT
the Book End
High Angle Suplex
Flying Elbow Drop
Noteable Fueds:
Brand Kraus
Ric Thunder

Contact Details (E-Mail)
NAME: Zack Ward