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As of late, Jaime Conwell will probably be considered one of the most active men in TNA. He has appeared when he hasn't been booked. This past iMPACT Jaime Conwell was seen twice and was inside of the ring twice! We, seen Jaime Conwell lend a helping hand to Elektra against the Game and Roxy. We also seen Jaime Conwell play mind games with Chris Legend by letting Legend's ex girlfriend Kelly Kelly give him a strip tease infront of every single fan live on iMPACT! Then, we seen him attack Legend, RMF and even Carnage! We all seen the match with RMF end in a draw. The very first draw in Jaime Conwell's career. Then, we seen a pathetic attack by the hands of Randy Orton. What was he doing? Trying to make a name for himself? The has been that got fired from the WWE. Then we find out that Jaime Conwell is booked in a match with David Arnold. The best friend to the Game. How will this match go? After Jaime Conwell beating down the Game on iMPACT. We all know the Game won't be in the house due to the fact it is a different show. Stay tuned and we will see as things unfold....


Opponent: Vs. Chris Legend
Place: Pengrowth Saddledome in Calgary Alberta Canada
Stipulation: None.

Won: October 28, 2007.
Beat For It: Buff Bagwell and J Dawg.
Defenses: None.

the Controversial One
Jaime Conwell

Location: ---------
Purpose: To Beat A Legend.

The Calm Before The Storm....


You can see a red oak table sitting in a room full of windows. You can see 'the Controversial' Jaime Conwell enter the room. He is wearing a pair of blue jeans and a white shirt with black writing on the front that says, "VENI! VIDI! VICI!" across his chest. He has a water bottle in his hand as he takes a seat. In walks Jim Ross who takes a seat across from from Jaime. They smile at each other and shake hands.

'Good Ol' Jim Ross: I want to thank you for taking time out of your day to meet with me here.

'the Controversial One' Jaime Conwell: Not a problem, JR. We go way back your one of the only people I'd make time for. All these other bastards running around NWA-TNA are too green, if you know what I am saying.

'Good Ol' Jim Ross: I hear ya. So, this is a interview for but we are going to talk about alot of things today. Your run in with Randy Orton and of course your match up tomorrow night with Chris Legend. But, first how do you feel as a competitor? You have evolved so much since you first started and you were only slated to be a bump artist per say.

'the Controversial One' Jaime Conwell: I feel like I am 100% but will I ever be 100% no, of course not. I went from being this long haired, purple tights and doing high risk moves. To being what I am today. As you can tell by the way I perform I don't do high risk as much anymore. I was slated to be a mid carder nothing higher because I was like..well I was like Chris Legend in a way. Illiterate and so fourth. But, I changed. When I first came into this business I wanted to be the best. And, I wasn't going to settle with being second to anybody. My mic skills sucked, I can bump with the best of them. But I knew there was more to life then being a mid carder. And, you can tell with all my accomplishments they pretty much speak for themselves. When my time comes I will be remembered one way or the other.

'Good Ol' Jim Ross: Everyone knows that you and Shawn Michaels have always had a good relationship. How do you feel about him now?

'the Controversial One' Jaime Conwell: I am always going to look up to Shawn in a father figure type of way. There is nothing I wouldn't do for the guy. He gave me a chance when nobody else would. When OWF signed me it was during the time they were going to war with HBAW. And, HBAW was the elite company at that time. So, pretty much I was a rookie being thrown into the lion's den per say. I did the best I could. I learned alot and to have a guy like Shawn Michaels being the only person to be behind me supporting me and teaching me. I couldn't of asked for anything else. I later ended up winning the OWF World Heavyweight Championship and later on ended up being a co-owner of OWF for the time it was around. And, this was all my rookie year. So I will always respect the guy, and our relationship will never go sour.

'Good Ol' Jim Ross: When you came to NWA-TNA. There were a few guys in the hall of fame you have actually been in the ring with. How do you feel when you see guys you use to wrestle being in the Hall Of Fame?

'the Controversial One' Jaime Conwell: makes me feel old for one...*Jaime and JR laugh*.. But, it's awesome to know they moved on with life and will always be remembered because they are in the Hall Of Fame. They deserve it and one day hopefully, my name will be written in the same book as theirs. But, until that happens I am going to keep doing what I am doing. Keep my undefeated streak strong. Win more championships and just have fun that is all this is about is fun.

'Good Ol' Jim Ross: A lot of the talent in the past that you've faced before have always said you are a very aggressive person in the ring. Do you think that still holds true to today?

'the Controversial One' Jaime Conwell: Yeah, I think so. I don't want to go to that ring and pussy foot it. I am no Chris Legend. When I hit you, you are going to feel it. And, with my size and the way I perform is a talent only I have. A lot of the most successful guys are the ones who are overly aggressive. And, like I said a minute ago I am going to continue to do what I am doing. And, if the guys don't like it I guess they will avoid stepping into the ring with me. I don't know really what to do about it. It isn't my fault I am out there whooping ass and taking names.

'Good Ol' Jim Ross: Yesterday you did an appearance at a NWA house show. You talked about RMF leaving the company. But, now he is back. What are your thoughts on that? And, is there any bad feelings between you guys?

'the Controversial One' Jaime Conwell: No, no bad feelings. He is one hell of a wrestler. But, personally he is a cry baby. But, I am not going to hack on him one bit. He is new to this business and one day make it to being Hall Of Fame. Only, if he sticks with it though and doesn't turn into a Brock Lesnar. I look forward to stepping back into the ring with him. We did a good match together and when you have two elite superstars such as RMF and myself. It only brings in ratings and he and I both know we are the biggest draws in NWA right now. He will be back on his horse in no time being the World Heavyweight Champion again. It's just a matter of time.

'Good Ol' Jim Ross: Now, to your match with Chris Legend. He seems to be confident that he can beat you. Everybody seen you did the damage on iMPACT. Does it bug you when he trys to take credit for what you did?

'the Controversial One' Jaime Conwell: No..he is a little kid. He don't bug me one bit. I let him talk and it goes into one ear and out the other. He thinks he is the best thing going. He thinks he is this and that. But, fact is simple he isn't nothing. I could beat him with one arm tied behind my back. He is a joke to this company he will never be in the Hall Of Fame. He is illiterate and has a speach impediment. He needs to go train for the special olympics. Because when all is said and done tomorrow night I will be the one standing with another W to my record. I am not saying I can't be beat but I refuse to lose to a guy like Chris Legend. Chris Legend is like those one guys you go to school with that talk a big game over the phone. But, when you comfront them in person they hide behind their girlfriend. Yeah, that is Chris Legend in a nut shell. He is going to get hurt tomorrow night.

'Good Ol' Jim Ross: Chris Legend stated earlier that since he beat RMF and Carnage that he is better then you are. What do you feel about his statements?

'the Controversial One' Jaime Conwell: Like I said, he is a little kid. He beat them because of me and everybody knows it. I can say it again and again and he will still in his mind think he beat them on his own. He would have lost if it wasn't for me. And, to face such a little man like Chris Legend makes me look like a bully of sorts. He needed help against RMF and Carnage and everybody knows he will need help and a whole lot of luck to beat me. And, I don't think he can. And, if he did get help the people he knows I'd beat their ass faster then I would his so it would be stupid for him to have somebody come back him up. I see no point in him even showing up. I could end this match faster then Goldberg use to end his matches. But, I will drag him through this match just like everyone else he has faced had to drag him through the match. Chris Legend, is living in this fantasy world where he really thinks he is a Legend. He may be a Legend but not in the way you would think. He will always be remembered as the kid who talked and did hundreds of promos and needs some hooked on phonix. That is all he will be remembered for. He should change his name from Legend to Tall Tale. Because that is all he will be in the future.

'Good Ol' Jim Ross: Earlier today the Kliq was see and they declared war on TNA and they through your name out there. How do you feel about the Kliq?

'the Controversial One' Jaime Conwell: There still around? Hell, I've not heard from Sean Waltman in years! And, Kevin Nash and Hall? Wow, I didn't know they were here. And, Triple H and Shawn also? I had no clue.

'Good Ol' Jim Ross: No, not them.

'the Controversial One' Jaime Conwell: Oh, you mean those rip offs? Oh okay. I have nothing to say to them. They are throwing my name out to try and make themselves famous. It isn't going to work. Until they do something they will be nobodies to me. They have done nothing in NWA-TNA to even take a shot at somebody of my calibur and a league that I am in.

'Good Ol' Jim Ross: So, nothing at all? No dirt..nothing?

'the Controversial One' Jaime Conwell: Nope. It's two people who deserve nothing. Hell, look at the Knight guy I get him confused with Chris Legend when I see their promos. I have nothing to say.

'Good Ol' Jim Ross: Okay..moving on. You accepted the challenge of Randy Orton. But, nobody has heard from him yet. What made you accept his challenge?

'the Controversial One' Jaime Conwell: JR, I accepted it because after I beat another member of the High Rollers then there will be no more excuse's for them. Randy got mad because the truth about him being cumesee cumesaw is out of the bag. So, of course any real bi-sexualy guy would get mad if you say something that is truthful. He is half queer and to beat his ass will be a way for him to shut up. And, his little rip off group also can rot in piss. Orton has not said anything yet but I am sure he will. He is like Chris Legend. Talks a big game but never delivers. When it comes time for Orton and I to stand nose to nose we will see. But, he has to accept the Hell In A Cell before I get into the ring with him. I am looking to hurt him not wrestle him.

'Good Ol' Jim Ross: Well, Jaime thanks for your time and part 2 will be out a little later.

The screen goes black as it says, "Stay Tuned for Part Two!"


|#| Information And Stats |#|

Contact Information:
AIM: Rchwa2

Roleplay Information:

No#: 07
Title: None
Allignment: Neutral

NWATNA Career:
W: 03 L:000 D:001

People Beaten: Everyone

People Beat Me: Nobody

NWATNA Titles Won: NWA-TNA Intercontinental Champion [Current]

Other Awards: None

NWATNA Most Rememarable:

- Winning the Intercontinental Title-Oct. 28,07.

- ???

- ???

- ???

- ???

- ???

- ????

- ????

Defeated opponents__
-J-Deuce Atkins
-Buff Bagwell
-Chris Legend