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As of late, Jaime Conwell will probably be considered one of the most active men in TNA. He has appeared when he hasn't been booked. This past iMPACT Jaime Conwell was seen twice and was inside of the ring twice! We, seen Jaime Conwell lend a helping hand to Elektra against the Game and Roxy. We also seen Jaime Conwell play mind games with Chris Legend by letting Legend's ex girlfriend Kelly Kelly give him a strip tease infront of every single fan live on iMPACT! Then, we seen him attack Legend, RMF and even Carnage! We all seen the match with RMF end in a draw. The very first draw in Jaime Conwell's career. Then, we seen a pathetic attack by the hands of Randy Orton. What was he doing? Trying to make a name for himself? The has been that got fired from the WWE. Then we find out that Jaime Conwell is booked in a match with David Arnold. The best friend to the Game. How will this match go? After Jaime Conwell beating down the Game on iMPACT. We all know the Game won't be in the house due to the fact it is a different show. Stay tuned and we will see as things unfold....


Opponent: Vs. Chris Legend
Place: Pengrowth Saddledome in Calgary Alberta Canada
Stipulation: None.

Won: October 28, 2007.
Beat For It: Buff Bagwell and J Dawg.
Defenses: None.

the Controversial One
Jaime Conwell

Location: ---------
Purpose: To Beat A Legend.

The Calm Before The Storm....


Right after watching Chris Legend is done talking the camera shows Jaime Conwell laughing inside of the ring. Jaime Conwell holds onto the top rope and bends over a bit holding his stomach as he laughs at everything Chris Legend said. After Chris Legend goes backstage Jaime Conwell leaves the ring and walks back into the back. Jaime Conwell is walking down the hall as he runs into none other then Mean Geane Okurland.

Mean Geane: Hey, Jaime Conwell..after all that just happened what is your response to Chris Legend? He actually believes he won his match on his own.

'the Controversial One' Jaime Conwell: Mean Geane, facts speak for themselves. Everybody seen that the only reason Chris won his match was because of me. It was I who won that match for Chris! Now, sure Chris may think he is unstoppable but he is fooling everybody including himself. He pose's about the same amount of threat to me as Gillberg did to Goldberg. Which isn't very much. The only reason I am in this match is because they needed a filler and that is why I am stuck facing Chris Legend. The guy who is nothing. He will continue to be nothing and that has always and will always be his place here in this industry. He doesn't belong here and fact is simple when Xplosion comes around I will be the one with my hand raised as little Chris Legend is laying on the matt crying or throwing a temper tantrum. You see Chris, you may be a double champion but you can thank me for that. You beat two guys who have not been beat before and you can also thank me for that! You see Mean, I did what I had to do during their little main event if you want to call it that. The only reason that main event brought in ratings was because I was there! You really think these people care about seeing a Chris Legend match? You should stick to doing dark shows because being an X-Champion and a Hardcore Champion will be all you will ever get. As far as being anything higher then that you will only get higher then that if you play the NWA-TNA video game! Other then that straight at the bottom of the barrel where you belong and where you deserve. Sure, you can see I am looking past you and a lot of people may say it isn't smart. But, who are they to tell me what to do? You see Chris, I am more worried about getting the flu then I am of facing you. So go form a little group do what ever it is you need to do to try and succeed here because you will not succeed when we step foot inside of that ring. So you little ego you have is quite funny to me. Because it is one thing to have an ego but have a right to that ego. Then to have an ego for absolutely no reason at all! You can ask anyone in the locker room and anyone in any past company Chris Legend has worked for and they will tell you that Chris Legend use to get beat up by girls! You see Chris, you like Andy Kofman! Always getting beat down by a woman. Chris, you pose no threat you pose nothing what so ever. So after I am done kicking your ass you can go drop back down to the indy's where you so rightfully deserve to be!

Mean Geane: Well, Jaime everyone knows Chris Legend is a little full of himself. But onto bigger and more important things. Randy Orton made an appearance and addressed you. He says he wants you in a match for your Intercontenintal Championship and if he don't get that match you and him will never be in a match. What are your thoughts about that?

'the Controversial One' Jaime Conwell: You see Mean Geane, it doesn't suprise me Randy Orton would throw out a pathetic little challenge like that. Everybody knows that Jaime Conwell backs downn from nobody! You see Randy, you can claim to be this and that with the High Rollers but fact is simple. Nobody in your group is high rolling! You have a lame excuse of talent and you see Randy the only reason I didn't join your little "stable" is because everybody knew if I had you'd of been kicked out on your ass and a true champion a true warrior would be leading that peice of trash stable into the next level! You say your the most dangerous man in this business? That is funny that you say that. Because you were talking to the biggest baddest guy walking in NWA-TNA! Randy Orton, you claim to be a one man dynasty? Yet, you are in a group? Yeah, and you claim you wen't to college? I don't know what college that was but whatever helps you sleep at night. Everybody knows one on one face to face you would not be able to do to me what you did last week! You are a woman Randy, hell you had to attack me from behind? You make yourself seem powerful or something Randy. It is a shame that I have been here only about a month and I have more support for me then you do! Hell, you could line everybody up in the High Rollers and I would mow each and every single one of you down! So, Randy you think your something special? You think you impress anybody? You claim you can do this and do that but all I see is a coward who hides! You attacked me from behind! And, earlier you hide behind a camera? When are you going to man up and face me? You are so dangerous but what makes you dangerous? The fact you can talk a big game? Your little move trying to end my career? Please, that was like a fly landing on me. It's a good thing you are not in the building right now because I promise you and everybody else that I would be whoopin your pathetic ass all over this place! So you want to call me out for my title? Hell, if you want this title then it is on my terms and my terms only! Hell In A Cell! You and I go toe to toe for my title in that cell and we will see just what will happen! You think your dangerous? So prove it! Prove it to everybody! Because all I see is a joke! That is all you and your little High Rollers are, its like going to a circus to see a bunch of clowns. To bad I couldn't get my money back that is five minutes of my life that I will never get back. Thanks in part to the High Rollers and Randy Orton trying to make a name for himself. Randy Orton, I am going to say this one time...Hell In A Cell, you and I! Not only for the title but to see who the most dangerous man in this business really is! But remember one thing Randy, when I do see you for you it will be HELL ON EARTH!

Jaime Conwell walks off as the camera fades.


|#| Information And Stats |#|

Contact Information:
AIM: Rchwa2

Roleplay Information:

No#: 06
Title: None
Allignment: Neutral

NWATNA Career:
W: 03 L:000 D:001

People Beaten: Everyone

People Beat Me: Nobody

NWATNA Titles Won: NWA-TNA Intercontinental Champion [Current]

Other Awards: None

NWATNA Most Rememarable:

- Winning the Intercontinental Title-Oct. 28,07.

- ???

- ???

- ???

- ???

- ???

- ????

- ????

Defeated opponents__
-J-Deuce Atkins
-Buff Bagwell
-Chris Legend