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As of late, Jaime Conwell will probably be considered one of the most active men in TNA. He has appeared when he hasn't been booked. This past iMPACT Jaime Conwell was seen twice and was inside of the ring twice! We, seen Jaime Conwell lend a helping hand to Elektra against the Game and Roxy. We also seen Jaime Conwell play mind games with Chris Legend by letting Legend's ex girlfriend Kelly Kelly give him a strip tease infront of every single fan live on iMPACT! Then, we seen him attack Legend, RMF and even Carnage! We all seen the match with RMF end in a draw. The very first draw in Jaime Conwell's career. Then, we seen a pathetic attack by the hands of Randy Orton. What was he doing? Trying to make a name for himself? The has been that got fired from the WWE. Then we find out that Jaime Conwell is booked in a match with David Arnold. The best friend to the Game. How will this match go? After Jaime Conwell beating down the Game on iMPACT. We all know the Game won't be in the house due to the fact it is a different show. Stay tuned and we will see as things unfold....


Opponent: Vs. Chris Legend
Place: Pengrowth Saddledome in Calgary Alberta Canada
Stipulation: None.

Won: October 28, 2007.
Beat For It: Buff Bagwell and J Dawg.
Defenses: None.

the Controversial One
Jaime Conwell

Location: ---------
Purpose: To Beat A Legend.

The Calm Before The Storm....


The scene opens up as you can see Jaime Conwell backstage at a NWA house show. He is smiling as he is walking around with a water bottle in his hand. He smirks while thinking back on the beating he gave Chris Legend on iMPACT. The camera goes outside and to the announcers table.

'Good Ol'' Jim Ross: We just got some important news here at NWA-TNA. The IMPACT World Heavyweight Champion has left the company today. Reasons unknown thus far.

Jerry 'the King' Lawler: What? That don't suprise me one bit JR. The guy got beat by a guy like Chris Legend. I'd quit too.

'Good Ol' Jim Ross: King, this isn't a rib. RMF, ladies and gentlement has left the company. Which means he leaves IMPACT with out a World Heavyweight Champion.

Jerry 'the King' Lawler: JR, its a good thing he left. Everyone knows he lost to Jaime Conwell last week on Xplosion.

'Good Ol' Jim Ross: King, everyone seen it was clearly a draw. But, RMF was a superstar here and we have no idea why he left.

Right after Jim Ross is done talking the lights dim as 'I Stand Alone' hits. The crowd starts cheering as Jaime Conwell comes walking out from the backstage area with his Intercontinental Championship around his waist. Jaime Conwell stops at the top of the ramp as he looks out into the crowd. He smirks as he begins to head down the ramp way towards the ring. The fans are leaning out trying to slaps hands with Jaime Conwell who just walks past them. Jaime Conwell leaps up onto the ring apron as he enters the ring through the second rope. He walks around inside of the ring for a minute before grabbing a mic.

Jerry 'the King' Lawler: Now, JR! This is a real superstar! This guy is unstoppable JR!

'Good Ol' Jim Ross: Well, King, he is an incredible specimen. I've known Jaime since he first started in this business ladies and gentlemen. Back in 1998 when he went to OWF which was ran by the Heart Break Kid, Shawn Michaels. Everyone doubted this young man and to see what he has accomplished over the years makes me proud.

Jerry 'the King' Lawler: JR, everyone knows that RMF and Jaime Conwell didn't get along. Do you think he has any idea to why RMF left?

'Good Ol' Jim Ross: No idea, King.

Jaime Conwell walks over to the ropes as he leans into them holding the mic to his lips.

'the Controversial One' Jaime Conwell: Let's me start this off by getting something off of my chest! You see earlier today the iMPACT World Heavyweight Champion decided to take his ball and go home!..*Crowd cheers*.. I don't care what anyone says! They might say they want you here or they want you gone. But, me...I could really care less. You weren't that good to begin with and I can care less if anybody in NWA-TNA management begs for you to stay! You want to take a LOA for a few weeks for no reason what so ever and you think that it is fair? I don't know where you came from but where I come from! That is a cry out for attention! If you decide to come back RMF, you will get a warm welcome back into this business by me! And, I promise you it will not be pretty! You are better off going back to your little nine to five unloading trucks! Because this business is not for you. RMF, as a person I respect you but as a wrestler I think your a real peice of trash! So go home! Find a new job! And, don't ever cross my path again because you will get a wake up call that you will never forget!

Jaime Conwell lowers the mic as the crowd starts singing, "Nah..Nah..Nah Oh Hell Yeah! Goodbye!" as Jaime Conwell smirks again this time Jaime climbs to the second turnbuckle as he smacks his hands to the tune of the song being sang. Jaime Conwell leaps back down as he puts the mic back to his lips.

'the Controversial One' Jaime Conwell: Oh, you have to love that song!!!

The crowd gives off another pop as Jaime Conwell smiles.

'the Controversial One' Jaime Conwell: Now, onto that so called, "Legend" that I am facing in just a few short days! You see, Chris, or whatever your name is. You got lucky on IMPACT. You'd of not won if it was not for me making a statement by hitting everyone with that steel chair. So, now you are riding this wave of success you didn't earn on your own. Which is fine, but remember this Chris. You are going into Xplosion against me. I am not Carnage and I sure as hell am no RMF. I will hurt you Chris. I will break you down and I will make an example out of you. You are really biting off more then you can chew by stepping through these ropes and trying to go one on one with me. Everyone backstage and everyone here tonight and the millions sitting at home know you are walking to your own death. Chris, I don't know what you are thinking, but you say I am scared of a nine time World Heavyweight Champion? That is funny, me being a fourteen World Heavyweight Champion would be scared of a guy who can barley compete at a woman's level. You see Chris, you have nothing that I want. You are going to be a victim Chris. Just like everyone else who steps into this ring with me. I am not going to take it easy I am going to keep knocking your ass down until you can not get back up. You are going to forget your name. You will forget wether you are male or female. But, when I talked to Kelly Kelly she did say you liked it when she dressed like a man. So, who knows? I sure as hell don't want to know. The only known fact is come Xplosion Chris Legend, will be taken care off. You are going to get maimed in this ring. Chris, you have so much talent but yet it'd be hard for you to fight your way out of a wet paper bag? I have more talent in one finger then you do in your whole body. You have done nothing to impress me, and you continue to make me wonder how you even landed this gig with NWA-TNA. You should pack up and run home also. I bet those so called "World Championships" you have held probably was so desperate to have a champion they probably just gave you them titles and I am betting they probably all ended up like WCW and died. So those little nine self-proclaimed title reigns mean nothing. Or, you are probably talking about when you were a little kid. When you use to make your little tin foil world titles and wrestle naked with your best friends. Yeah I heard about that. I heard RMF was your manager. But, again it was just hear say. But, whatever it was, it means absolutely nothing to me. Nor will it make any difference. You can do your fifthteen promos but in the end, its not how many you do its its how well you do them. And, trust me kid the way you speak I will be here all day just trying to understand what was said because you do have a speach impediment. You sound like Buh Buh Ray Dudley when he first went to the WWE. It's pathetic and down right embarrassing to be in the same ring with you. That is why when that bell rings your ass belongs to me and you will get hurt. This is where the big boys play and lets face it little man. Hornswoggle from the WWE would pose a bigger threat to me then you do.

The crowd cheers as Jaime Conwell lowers the mic for a second. He begins to speak again.

'the Controversial One' Jaime Conwell: Now, onto that sneaky coward, Randy Orton! You see Randy you can come and attack me from the back! But that is all you will be known for! Well, that and the fact you couldn't cut it in the WWE! You see Randy, your own manager begged me to drop my title to Buff Bagwell! She begged! She asked me to join also! You really think I want to be in a group full of rip offs? You really have your head screwed on wrong. Randy, I don't know what you are trying to do by attacking me from the back. But, what you did was start something you and your pathetic little group are not ready for! None of you self-proclaimed "High Rollers" have any talent anyway. You all are in the same league Chris Legend is! You see Randy, you attacked me from behind because you knew you couldn't get the job done face to face. But, hey that is fine Randy. Because what goes around comes around! You got mad because your little "secret" is out! You didn't like the fact that the entire world found out that you and RMF are LOVERS! You couldn't handle the truth!..*Crowd cheers*.. Randy! If your little attack on me was a way of feeling up on me. Well, then I really don't know what to say besides I am flattered. You see Randy, I don't get down with your kind! I do not admire Elton John! And, I do not think of Richard Simmons in disgusting ways that you do! I wonder why you hang out with the people you do. Is it because when your get your ass kicked Ric Flair tickles your back? Or is it when your feeling down that Torrie Wilson begs a new person to join into your pathetic stable to bring you up to feeling better because you have a new guy to look at? Hell, everyone here knows the High Rollers are full of bizare people! We all know that you sit there naked and watch Buff Bagwell work out! But, does Torrie know? Does she know her man gets hit on by the so called Legend Killer? Hell, I think your new name should be, 'the Man Eater' Randy Orton! Yeah, that fits you better!

The crowd starts laughing as Jaime Conwell walks to the other side of the ring looking out into the crowd.

'the Controversial One' Jaime Conwell: You see whoever has to attack me from the back proves one thing and one thing only. And, that's you are trying to make a name for yourself off my expense. Sure, I am sure you are going to say I am rookie and I am this and that. But, facts are simple. I have done more then you could ever imagine! And, no..nothing in what you are probably thinking Randy. You see Randy your just not my type. Everyone who tries to use me for a stepping stone will get what is coming to them. Randy, before my time comes you will be laying down on this mat out and covered in your own blood! Because karma gets the best of us! So I want everyone in your little group to pay close attention to my match with Chris Legend because what happens to him will be nothing compare to what happens to Randy Orton when I get my hands on him! Damn! That didn't sound right and I am sure Randy Orton is back there watching this with a bottle of lotion in one hand and his other hand in his skirt! But, hey whatever floats your boat Randy. Because in due time you will have to face me head on and when we do. It will be HELL ON EARTH!

Jaime Conwell drops the mic as his music starts playing. The fans start cheering as Jaime Conwell leaves the ring and heads back up the ramp way.


|#| Information And Stats |#|

Contact Information:
AIM: Rchwa2

Roleplay Information:

No#: 04
Title: None
Allignment: Neutral

NWATNA Career:
W: 03 L:000 D:001

People Beaten: Everyone

People Beat Me: Nobody

NWATNA Titles Won: NWA-TNA Intercontinental Champion [Current]

Other Awards: None

NWATNA Most Rememarable:

- Winning the Intercontinental Title-Oct. 28,07.

- ???

- ???

- ???

- ???

- ???

- ????

- ????

Defeated opponents__
-J-Deuce Atkins
-Buff Bagwell
-Chris Legend