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August 1, 2004 || Okay, since I've been rejected from tfl.org (tear, tear - I REALLLLY wanted it), this fanlisting is not open. (So however you happen to get here, so not fill out any forms, please). It is strictly used as a template to any other fanlistings I may be creating, and also a site to show my html experience. So, I'm off. Goodbye! ~ Alex

June 24, 2004 || Just completed this fanlisting! :D I've already applied to thefanlistings.org, and am currently waiting for their answer. Meanwhile, I've got to find myself a host! My old host shut down a few months and angelfire is really annoying me. Anyways, more codes will be made soon! I'll open it to the public as soon as I get hosted! :) ~ Alex

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