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Click the pictures to find out more about these beaches:


                                                  Tahiti Beaches                                                                Cancun Beach



                                     Bondi Beach, Australia                                                     Bahamas Beach Resorts



                                      Miami Beach Marina                                                  Bora Bora Pearl Beach Resort



Here are some safety reminders for people who wants to spend their vacation in a beach resort:


  1. Protect yourself...
  2. Safety First...
  3. Wear shoes on the beach shore...
  4. Check for postings...
  5. Check with your local health department...

Protect yourself.

    Just like the Boy Scouts, you should always be prepared for hazards at the beach, most importantly, sunburn and heatstroke. Make sure you are covered in sunscreen with a sun protection factor of at least 25 whenever you're outdoors. Not only will it protect you from a nasty sunburn, but it will also help you instill good skin-cancer avoidance habits. Remember, skin cancer is the most common form of cancer there is, with more than a million cases expected this year. Ultra-violet rays can damage your eyes, so try to wear sunglasses whenever possible. You should also dress comfortably in light-colored clothing to keep cool and prevent sunburn.

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Safety First.

Be sure that you pay attention to posted surf warnings, and swim only where there is a lifeguard. Remember, if you find yourself caught in the undertow, unable to overcome the force pulling you away from the shore, you should swim parallel to the shore until you get past the area affected by the currents. Don't panic. Swimmers who panic trying to fight the currents, usually wear themselves out until they risk drowning. Watch out for jellyfish and other stinging animals such as sea anemones and corals. If you are stung, rinse the affected body part with isopropyl alcohol, vinegar or seawater, and scrape or shave the areas gently to remove any remaining stingers. Do not rub the area or rinse with fresh water or tap water. Acetaminophen, aspirin or ibuprofen will help ease pain, and antihistamines such as Benadryl can relieve itching and swelling. If symptoms are severe, or if signs of anaphylactic reaction are present, seek medical help immediately.

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Wear shoes on the beach shore.

Wear shoes on the beach shore and in the water, as glass, metal, or other hurricane-debris may have washed into the water.

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Check with your local health department.

Check with your local health department to find out if there are bacterial hazards in the water that could be dangerous to your health.

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