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Course Code : Computer Applications 1 for Business Management (Comp1bu)
Course Credit: 3 Units
Pre-Requisite: None
Pre-Requisite To: Comp2bu
Type of Course: Basic Course

Course Description:

                This is a course for business management students to introduce the basic computer concepts. This course is designed to provide students with a broad understanding of information technology and its importance to business environment.

Course Objectives:

                At the end of the course, the students are expected to be able to:

    A. Cognitive
1. Explain the basic concept of computers;
        2. Demonstrate proficiency in computing;
        3. Recognize the need to keep abreast with advances in information technology.

    B. Affective
1. Strengthen the Lasallian values of honesty, integrity, patience and perseverance in all aspects of their work.
        2. Use the Internet as a research tool.

    C. Psychomotor
1. Operate Microsoft Windows independently;
      2. Develop a Personal Web Page using Microsoft Frontpage;
        3. Generate a high quality written report using Microsoft Word summarizing the results of their research.
        4. Present/Defend a research paper using Microsoft Powerpoint or Flash Presentation;
        5. Apply Microsoft Excel in business application and documents requiring the use of accounting, currency, and computational operations.